Goku Just Learned A Completely New Technique

Hey everyone! Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 dropped a while ago, and I think it was the best episode we’ve had since the one-hour special. Lately, Dragon Ball Super has been really good, and the animation has been very fluid. The Tournament of Power is getting interesting by the episode, and now, just 17 minutes are remaining, which means we’re close to entering the final stages of this Tournament.

This week’s Dragon Ball Super saw Goku use Ultra Instinct technique once again, and then fight Kafla. We basically knew that Kafla’s time was up. She was overpowering Goku for too long, and it was either her or Goku at this point. With near about 17 minutes to go, I think everyone agreed that Goku cannot be eliminated here.

That only left us with one conclusion, and that was Kafla’s elimination. Goku got a hang of Ultra Instinct this week, for the most part. He was able to use its powers to properly, unlike the last time, where he ran out of stamina before even doing anything serious. This time, Goku was able to react a lot faster, and even those around him agreed that Goku was a lot stronger than before. Meaning, he has grown even further in power. Not only is he growing in power, but his skill is also growing with it.

This week, Goku learned a completely new technique, that we haven’t seen him perform before. He was able to punch the air and create an air cannon, kind of like how Hit does it. I really liked that part, and even though it was a minor detail, I think it was well thought by the team.

Ultra Instinct just gives Goku a completely new dimension when it comes to fighting people. We saw that vs Jiren as well. He could’ve eliminated Toppo and Dyspo easily there. He could also go toe to toe with Jiren, and now even though Kafla’s power was growing at a monstrous rate, he was able to eliminate her as if it was a piece of cake. Again, I think Ultra Instinct is the most original transformation that I’ve seen in Dragon Ball series.

For now, Goku is yet again powerless. He doesn’t have the stamina to fight, for now, and this only means other characters from Universe 7 will take the spotlight. From the preview of the next episode, it seems like it is the Androids turn to shine. They haven’t been involved in the action much, lately, and I would love to see them do something. They’ll soon be taking on Universe 2. Further, Vegeta is also in action in the upcoming episode, but it doesn’t look too good for him. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s episode, and I hope for more of the same.

What about you guys? Did you like Dragon Ball Super 116? What are your thoughts on Goku’s new technique? Let me know in the comments section below.


Goku Won’t Be Himself When He Transforms Into [Spoiler]

Hey everyone! Dragon Ball Super’s latest episode just dropped, and it basically focused on Goku’s battle vs Kafla. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, I suggest you do so because I will be talking about some of the most important things from the episode here.


Previously, we saw that Kafla was completely overpowering Goku in battle, and even though Goku used Super Saiyan God Transformation, it was f no use. Even Super Saiyan Blue didn’t work, which made Goku use Kaio-ken x20 as well, and even then he was only able to land one or two blows on her. Kafla was strong enough to even overpower Goku in Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken state, which is a great feat. So, that’s basically what triggered the Ultra Instinct in Goku this time.

In this week’s episode, Goku was able to completely demolish Kafla. Even though Kalfa went beyond her limits yet again, she was not able to land a single hit on Ultra Instinct Goku, which is something that should be expected of him really. In the Ultra Instinct Omen transformation, Goku’s powers go to a whole new level that we’ve never seen before.

dragon ball super episode 116

His body starts moving on its own, and it is extremely hard to hit him. So far, neither Jiren nor Kafla has been able to hit Goku. But, the thing is, Goku’s Ultra Instinct isn’t even complete yet. Whis said that Goku cannot land hits properly in this form because he hasn’t grown completely accustomed to it yet. So, the Goku that we’re seeing right now, is really not him at his maximum power.

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