Godless Season 2 Emmys 2018 Win, Renewal News, Release Date

In late 2017 we saw a limited series appear on Netflix called Godless. The excellent cast, compelling storyline and filmography won hearts of audiences, making it an instant hit. Godless was loved by one and all. Godless was initially meant to be a movie, written in a movie format by Hollywood heavyweight Scott Frank. Later in talks with Netflix, it got adapted into a mini-series. And the rest they say, is history.

Miniseries or not, it doesn’t stop fans from thinking that Godless couldn’t return for another Season, right? Like for example with HBO’s Big Little Lies, intended to be a mini-series and now renewed for a second Season on popular demand with Meryl Streep joining the cast. Fans are pressing hard for Season 2, but the point is, is the team in Godless ready to do one? Let’s discuss.

Godless Season 2: Release Date

At this stage, one is uncertain. It looks like despite a huge demand there are reservations amongst the cast of the show. Actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who appears on Godless as Whitey Finn said: “It’s got a really nice beginning, middle and end. It’s very popular nowadays to just make something go on and on and on. At some point, it becomes some sort of money-maker thing, and I think as a viewer you can see that and sense that.” Well, that’s the first instance of reluctance that we sense from a cast member. At the same time, Thomas also said one never knows what the future could hold but right now he doesn’t know much.

Godless Season 2 Release Date

Waterston reminds us that Godless was adopted from a novel so he doesn’t think Season 2 would be a possibility. So the update is that as of now no one really knows what could happen with Godless Season 2. It’s important to mention here that Godless scored big at Emmys 2018. Probably that could convince the cast and crew to get working on Season 2 again.

Actress Merritt Weaver won an Emmy for her role as a trouser-wearing widow Mary Agnes McNue on Godless. She is skeptical of a mining company that comes to town. And so did Jeff Daniels. He won an Emmy in the same category, i.e. ‘Outstanding supporting actor in a limited series or TV movie.’ Godless was nominated in four categories; it won two out of four. It was also nominated for ‘Outstanding limited series’ category and ‘Outstanding lead actress in a limited series or TV Movie.’

Emmys 2018 marked second wins for both Jeff Daniels and Merritt Weaver. Jeff Daniels in his speech thanked his Horse on Godless who threw him and broke his left wrist. Now one would assume Godless would come back given the nature of its success, but Weaver gave a standard statement backstage last night. She said: “Godless was originally a feature that Frank wrote, so he’s already expanded it and expanded the world, so I don’t see that happening,” she said. “It’s certainly not my call, but it was never conceived to be an ongoing thing. And I think he did a lovely job of creating a world that people want to see more of but that (can) live as is.”

Hence Godless is expected to stand as a ‘one Season and done’ type of show. Do not expect more until you hear it from the horse’s mouth.

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