Goblin Slayer Episode 9: There And Back Again Preview and Spoilers

In the previous episode of Goblin Slayer, the group found a mysterious mirror after destroying the Eyeball guarding it. It seems like the mirror is an ancient artifact that can be used for transportation. With the explosion earlier, the sound of it is expected to reach the residing goblins. How will they fight the horde of goblins coming their way in Goblin Slayer episode 9?

The mirror that they discovered shows a link to the ruins that they went before. It seems like the sewers and the ruins are connected by the mirror. That explains why the goblins in the ruins and the sewers have good equipment. A flag will come from the mirror, and that is the drawing of an eye that they defeated. As usual, Goblin Slayer and the others prepare for the attack of the Goblins. High Elf will attack from afar, Dwarf and Goblin Slayer will attack in the frontier. Priestess will try to reserve her remaining spell while Lizardman will try to get the mirror out of the wall.

Goblin Slayer Episode 9 2

The goblins will come, as expected, and they all rush to attack the humans that disturb them. But of course, Goblin Slayer and the group prepared for it, and within seconds, the first wave of goblins was dead. The real problem is not the number of the goblins, but the goblin champion that will come back for revenge.

While the goblin champion is trying to hit Goblin Slayer, it also kills some of its kind accidentally. After Priestess decided to help Lizardman in removing the mirror, Goblin Slayer will commence his real plan. He ordered Dwarf to collect gnomes and make them fall while all of them will hide under the mirror. They will be victorious in Goblin Slayer episode 9. They all went to all this trouble just to finish the quest that the Sword-Maiden actually created. What are Sword-Maiden’s intentions in putting them and everyone in danger? We will know more in the next episodes.

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