Goblin Slayer Episode 6 – Goblin Slayer In The Water Town

The previous episode of Goblin Slayer introduced us to one of the most iconic people in the Goblin Slayer universe. Although her appearance was supposed to be in the later episodes, an arc (The Goblin Warchief arc) was skipped. In Goblin Slayer episode 6, we will see the Sword Maiden for the first time. What does she need with Goblin Slayer and co.?

Goblin Slayer Episode 6 – Who Is The Sword Maiden?

Sword Maiden is quite a popular figure in the history of the GS universe. With a team of Gold-ranked adventurers, they slew one of the resurrected Demon Lords a decade ago. Priestess is star-struck because of Sword Maiden’s appearance while the three (High Elf, Lizardman, and Dwarf) are all trying to be polite. However, Goblin Slayer is as blunt and stoic as ever and want to know more about the goblin slaying mission the moment he entered the building.

goblin slayer episode 6

Sword Maiden will then proceed to tell them the reason why they’re called. Apparently, one of her acolytes were killed during her task as a messenger. Even the Town Guards and adventurers tried to investigate this event, but they were all killed. The culprit was finally revealed when they finally caught a goblin one night. Goblin Slayer will conclude that the goblins were all hiding in the sewers.

The team will purge more goblins in the sewers. This will continue on for a couple of days until it one time, it started to rain. While raining, a crew of goblins started to appear and attack them. Of course, Goblin Slayer will be the one to strike them, killing the leader by throwing his sword on the poor goblin. The goblins are using good equipment, better than what Goblin Slayer usually encounters.

Goblin Slayer episode 6 will emphasize the unique technique and fighting style of each team members. They will successfully kill all the goblins but there’s no time to celebrate when a big alligator descended from the depths of the river. There is also another Goblin ship coming their way. What will they do in these unexpected turn of events? We will find out in the next episode.

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