Goblin Slayer Episode 5 – The Goblin Warchief

The previous episode of Goblin Slayer introduced us to a new kind of enemy in the series: the Ogre. Goblin Slayer almost got killed in the process and it is because of the others’ help that he was alive and managed to kill his most powerful enemy yet. It was because of this event that he will have to rest up in Goblin Slayer episode 5.

Goblin Slayer Episode 5 Spoilers – A New Enemy

With another success in goblin slaying and another monster in his portfolio, Goblin Slayer finally went home after a couple of days missing. Cow Girl will welcome him home, but he suddenly collapsed out of collective fatigue even before he entered the door. When he woke up, he will be in his room. His body is full of scars and bruises from his past adventures and it just shows how he did his calling non-stop. It will be revealed in Goblin Slayer episode 5 that his day-off is rarer than the number of good goblins.

Because his equipment is in the repair shop, GS will ask Cow Girl if she will deliver goods in the guild. They will accompany each other to the guild; Goblin Slayer will have his equipment and Cow Girl will deliver her goods. While Goblin Slayer is taking his equipment, the store assistant will not recognize him. Spearman will be there too, but he will also not recognize Goblin Slayer. For some reason, they will have a friendlier discussion when GS is unequipped and he is not recognized as GS.

After Goblin Slayer unloaded the cargo, Guild Girl will give him a drink with lemon and honey on it. GS will think that the drink is good as a ration. She will tell him about the training guild that has been opened for new adventurers. She will also tell Goblin Slayer that he will not have any quest for a while. Because of this, Goblin Slayer stayed in the farm, helping Cow Girl with the chores and had a peaceful day.

goblin slayer episode 5

However, while Goblin Slayer is having a great day-off, a Goblin Warchief (a Goblin that is focused on leading a horde of goblins) will be seen preparing an army for an ambush. Goblin Warchief will be giving Goblin Slayer a hard time later, but he will be introduced in Goblin Slayer episode 5.

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