Goblin Slayer Episode 3 – Orcbolg

In the previous episode of Goblin Slayer, Goblin Slayer’s ruined childhood was revealed. His hatred for the goblins stems from a goblin attack which killed his sister and a lot of people from his village.

During one of his missions, a bard was singing about him when a group of adventurers heard the song and inquired more about him. What possibly could they need from him? We will find out in Goblin Slayer episode 3.

The High-Elf from the last part of the last episode said the word “Orcbolg” just before the show ends. It will turn out that this Orcbolg that they’re searching for is, in fact, someone from the guild. In Golden Slayer episode 3, the first thing we will see is High-Elf inquiring about Orcbolg to the Guild Girl.

The Guild Girl will tell them that there’s no one in the guild with the name Orcbolg. After a little skirmish, the Dwarf will try and inquire about a certain “Beardcutter”. However, this name is also unknown to Guild Girl.

Goblin Slayer Episode 3

Goblin Slayer will just be back from a quest when he heard the Lizardman talk about Goblins. The three adventurers asked him to go on a mission with him. High Elf will tell him that Demons are being revived and the world will soon be in danger. But as usual, for Goblin Slayer, if it is not goblin slaying, that he will not be interested.

It will soon be revealed that he is, in fact, invite to do some goblin slaying, in which he agreed immediately, to High Elf’s frustration. Before they will go, Goblin Slayer will ask Priestess to rest, but she insisted to go. Their short rest was interrupted in order to go to yet another goblin slaying. The story of this goblin slaying will continue after Goblin Slayer episode 3. In this quest, we will see Goblin Slayer backed in a corner.

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