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Preview: Japanese Romantic Comedy Anime: Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Anime Release Date, And Details.
Girlfriend, Girlfriend.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend is a Japanese romantic comedy manga series. It is written and illustrated by Hiroyuki. It was published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine in March of the year 2020. It has been compiled into five tankōbon volumes as of April in the year 2021. An anime television series version by Tezuka Productions will premiere in July. A commercial to promote the series was released on October 23rd in the year 2020. The commercial by Ayana Taketatsu and Ayane Sakura.

Kodansha USA announced the English digital release of the series in North America in February in the year 2021. The first volume of the same was released on April 6th in the year 2021. The anime goes with the story of Naoya, who initially had a relationship with his childhood friend Saki Saki. But later, it turns out that one of his classmates, Nagisa, also has feelings for him. Naoya also accepts Nagisa’s proposal. The series then continues with the challenges experienced in maintaining their love triangle relationship.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend.

Plot Of Girlfriend, Girlfriend Anime.

The plot tells the story of Naoya Mukai, who has a crush on his Childhood friend Saki Saki. After many confessions about his love for her. She accepts Naoya. They have recently begun their relationship. But at the same time, Nagisa Minase, who is his classmate, after some initial hesitation, also decides to confess her feelings to him. She fell in love with him as he inspired her to pursue skills that she was good at. Naoya accepts her request to be her boyfriend as well. It turns out that Naoya has decided that he will have both Saki and Nagisa as his girlfriends at the same time. Currently, he lives alone as his parents were living elsewhere for their work. As he was living alone, Saki decides to live with him.

Saki Saki has many insecurities, which also include her small chest when it is especially compared to Nagisa. The series follows their daily school life and the difficulties and challenges experienced in maintaining their love triangle relationship. Meanwhile, Rika Hoshizaki is a popular vlogger who goes by the online Alias Mirika. She intends to become Naoya’s third girlfriend. She was ready to go far as possible to attain her aim. She started to stalk him and his girlfriends, as well as camping outside his house to get his attention. In the meantime Shino Kiryū, who is Saki’s best friend and classmate. She discovers Naoya’s triangular romantic arrangement with Saki and Nagisa. She disapproved of his method at first. But she later begins to develop feelings for Naoya as well. The series then follows the complications of Naoya’s romantic relationship.

Cast Of The Anime Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Girlfriend, Girlfriend is an anime adapted from a manga. The main characters of the anime include Naoya Mukai, Saki Saki, and Nagisa Minase. The supporting characters include Shino Kiryū, Rika Hoshizaki, Risa Hoshizakietc. Naoya Mukai is the main character. He is Saki’s childhood friend. His voice was given by Junya Enoki. Junya Enoki is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Atomic Monkey. Saki Saki, who is the main character. She is Naoya’s childhood friend and his initial girlfriend. Her voice was given by Ayana Taketatsu and Ayane Sakura. Ayana Taketatsu is a Japanese actress, voice actress, and singer. Ayane is a Japanese voice actress who is affiliated with I’m Enterprise. Nagisa Minase is the main character. She is a classmate of Naoya. Her voice was given by Ayane Sakura and Azumi Waki. Azumi Waki is a Japanese voice actress and singer from Tokyo who is affiliated with Haikyō. Shino Kiryū, who is Saki’s best friend and classmate. Her voice was given by Rie Takahashi. Rie Takahashi is a Japanese voice actress and singer affiliated with 81 Produce. Risa Hoshizaki, who is Rika’s younger sister.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Anime Release Date

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Anime Release Date, And Details.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend.

The 51st issue of Weekly Shōnen Magazine announced that the series would receive an anime television series adaptation in November of the year 2020. Tezuka Productions is animating the series. The series is directed by Kuwabara. Keiichirō Ōchi is the scriptwriter of anime. The characters are designed by Akiko Toyoda. The anime is scheduled to release on July 3rd in the year 2021.

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