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‘Ghost Doctor Cast’: Meet Rain and Sung Dong II – The Entirely Opposite Duo

‘Ghost Doctor’: Meet Rain and Sung Dong II – The Entirely Opposite Duo
Rain and Sung Dong II

The intriguing pair of ‘Ghost Doctor Cast’ is going to take all of us on a rollercoaster. The show has released new stills of Rain and Sun Dong II. The drama series has created a new buzz on the internet with the new release, and it has gone viral all over social media platforms in an instant.

Portraying the genres of medical, fantasy, and supernatural, the South Korean drama series has stolen the limelight and has bagged several headlines on the internet. It has become a routine for the viewers to check on the headlines of the internet on a daily basis because the drama series is always up with something new and intriguing.

This new release, too, has put a significant impact on all the viewers out there who are eagerly waiting for the episodes to release. Undoubtedly, the drama series has developed authority over all its audience and fans out there. Keeping track of all the updates and patterns, we can say that the series is going to witness an impressive positive response and viewership.

Moreover, the cast of the show has done wonders in attracting the attention of everyone out there. There are many popular faces in the cast lineup, and it has contributed to the popularity of the series by a lot.

Here, we are going to talk about the intriguing and unlikely duo of the series, i.e., Rain and Sung Dong II. Let’s have a quick skim inside.

‘Ghost Doctor Cast’: Meet the Unlikely Duo of The Series

In the drama series, Rain portrays the character of a super-genius thoracic surgeon named Cha Young Min. He is a doctor who has a firm belief that a doctor’s worth is determined by his skills. He has a cold personality and turns away the patients whose conditions are really bad, and no medical help can help them.

On the other hand, Sun Dong II is playing the role of Tes, who is a senior ghost in the hospital. Well, sounds crazy? It is crazy. He has been around for a long time now and likes to meddle now and then and take care of the coma ghosts.

‘Ghost Doctor’: Meet Rain and Sung Dong II – The Entirely Opposite Duo

Rain and Sun Dong II

As all of us can see, both the characters are from an entirely different world and have nothing in common apart from their cold and caring natures. But an unexpected situation brings them together, and gradually they develop a very interesting bond with each other.

The stills released by JTBC depict Cha Young Min and Tae in a very unusual and unexpected situation. The viewers are confused to see both of them staring at each other with such intensity and surprise. Young Min is looking at Tes with wide, surprised eyes like he has seen some ghost (well, he has). And, Tes is returning the same strange gaze.

In another still, we can see Tes giving a detailed description about something to Cha Young Min. However, the latter seems really distracted and about to scream. All the viewers out there are really excited to see the intriguing sweet, and bitter chemistry between them.

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‘Ghost Doctor Cast’: Other Details

The fantasy medical drama series is going to premiere its first episode on January 3, 2022, at 10:30 PM KST. It was directed by Boo Sung Chul, who is known for his successful drama project “Heirs”.

The story of the show follows two doctors who are from entirely different dimensions. They are poles apart in everything ranging from their background, age, skills, and personalities, but an unexpected situation ends them sticking together. The strangest part of the story is that they are more than capable of combining their bodies and spirits together.

‘Ghost Doctor’: Meet Rain and Sung Dong II – The Entirely Opposite Duo

Ghost Doctor

Strange? That’s the part of the fun.

Apart from Rain and Sung Dong II, we are going to see Kim Bum in the role of Go Seung Tak, APINK’s Son Naeun in the character of Oh Soo Jung, who is an emergency room intern, and Uee portraying the role of Hang Se Jin who is a neurosurgeon and also the ex-girlfriend of Cha Young Min.

The drama series is going to be one great rollercoaster ride, and that is the cue to mark the dates on your calendars. It will be definitely worth your screen time.

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