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Preview & Recap: Getter Robo Arc Episode 7

Getter Robo Arc
Getter Robo Arc

We will be looking at the upcoming Getter Robo Arc Episode 7 and recent development with the latest updates. The Getter Ray boys are about to get their range and avenge the death of Takuma’s mother. The boys are chasing Donald and Kongming, who works for another organization that ant to bring destruction to the world. The due had a meeting with Supreme Queen Meldusa at the HQ. Let’s find what Donald and his allies are planning for the Getter Ray boys in the latest episode of Getter Robo Arc.

Donald reports to the Supreme Queen Meldusa that they have a good report, and Kongming said that the attack they launched on the Saotome Lab proved to be effective. Supreme Queen Meldusa comments that she has high expectations of the duo’s operations. However, they must not get carried away thinking that they have won the battle since it is far from over. Meldusa reminds the two that the thing remains asleep, but the true power concealed within it is unfathomable. Kongming adds that their next “assault” will get undertaken with an even greater amount of caution.

Meldusa praised the to and told them that she declares that they can begin an all-out offensive on Earth. The two said to her that they would save the universe without fail. Meldusa told them the last message that she awaits news of their success, and she vanishes. Donald told Kongming said they’d gotten approval at long last, and Kongming agrees, saying that this time must hold particular significance for Donald, considering the past. Donald replies that he will never forget the great Emperor’s final moments. He recalls the day the Getter destroyed him with a massive blast.

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Previously on Getter Robo Arc Episode 6

The episode title: ”The Dragon’s Descendant.” Donald realizes that the Getter caused destruction in the past and blasts their lab along with his underlings. Donald told Kongming that as a survivor of the Hyakki Empire, his desire is the complete and utter obliteration of Getter. Kongming told him to go out and strive to his fullest. The two transform into scary beasts with horns, and Donald comments that he will do whatever it takes to bring Getter to its knees and then revenge for Emperor Burai.

Getter Robo Arc

Getter Robo Arc

In the morning, the Getter Ray boys head to the mission, and Takuma wonders what the secrecy on this mission is. Baku replies that it is time to shine, and Kamui adds that they use the water path. It connects the Getter, and it becomes one giant robot that dives deep into the sea. When they are inside, Baku summons seconds of transformation as they get done with their task. The other scientist crew finds that the influx of Getter Rays that Came out of the cauldron has all crystallized, but they don’t pose any threat.

They realize that it will take time to clean them up and get the lab system back to normal.Β  Jin gives orders to the scientist working with the cleaning of the lab. Later they met Sho Tachibana, one of the former pilots of Getter Robo Go. But now, she is an inspector with the allied force; Jin had a meeting with her. In the evening, the crew defeated the dragons sent by Donald and head to the Dinosaur Empire.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 7 Date

Getter Robo-Arc Episode 7 release date is Sunday, 15 August 2021, at 9:00 PM. The new episode of Getter Robo Arc releases every Sunday. Getter Robo Arc will conclude the episode finale soon with five episodes left. Make sure to get the latest episode using your local time. Let’s take a look at the Getter Robo Arc preview below.

Where To Watch Getter Robo Arc Episode 7?

You can watch Getter Robo Arc Episode 7 online on HIDIVE and ANIPLUS. Getter Robo Arc has its Twitter account, web page, and other platforms. The new Getter Robo Arc episodes are available on HIDIVE and ANIPLUS; you can get them with English subtitles. The last episodes are available for rewatching.

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