After half a decade of waiting, Kingdom Heart 3 finally announced its release date and even dropped a lot of trailers. Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer includes a lot of universes including Toy Story and Monster University. Surprisingly, there’s also the Pirates of the Carribean universe, where Captain Jack Sparrow sailed a ship in the sands of the desert.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, Trailer, How To Pre-Order

Kingdom Hearts 3 first featured Sora in the Pirates of the Carribean setting, where he and his crew were sailing with a small raft. After that, Jack Sparrow was shown sailing his ship in the desert sand toward the sea. He was then asked if he knows something about a certain box by the guy who seems to be a part of an “organization”. Gameplay is superb, with ship-to-ship battle, underwater exploration and even jungle and aerial battles. And this is only from the Pirates of the Carribean map.

Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer

Beside Pirates of the Carribean, Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer also revealed that Sora will be exploring other universes such as Hercules, Monster University, Toy Story and many more. However, one of the most easily recognizable universe that will be seen in this game is the Kingdom of Arendelle from the animated film Frozen. What is this “organization” all about that it reached a lot of other franchises? The plot is still vague and the trailers focused more on revealing the universes included in the game than the plot itself. We will see what’s in store for us in the future.

Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer

And speaking of the future, if you’re planning to buy the game next year, pre-ordering right now is not a bad idea. A pre-order bonus of $10 is included once you buy the game through accredited sources. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game is now available on Amazon for $60 ($48 with Prime) for the standard edition. The deluxe edition will include a steel book case, artbook, and collectible pin featuring Sora with the Kingdom Hearts 3 logo. It will be available for $80 ($64 with Prime).

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released on January 29, 2019. A Kingdom Hearts Bundle is now available in PlayStation store including older releases Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix, 2.5 Remix, and 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. KH3 will also be available in this bundle on its release date.


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