As early as Black Clover is to the anime industry, the series is already getting its won video game for the first time. So with that said, today we are going to be discussing Black Clover Project Knights new details and characters revealed.

To begin with, only one scan has been released alongside with a teaser trailer and now a more detailed trailer showcasing areas of the scan and in game engine gameplay. First off we will discuss the scan and break it down as it has been translated!


 Black Clover Project Knights New Details And Characters Revealed

The scan showcases its two main characters that you will be able to play as, Asta and Noelle Silva. Asta says that he wants to be the Magic Emperor and Noelle says that there is only one way to figure out the difference between their magical powers. This is sort of a duel type of challenge they’re engaging as this is a battle game more than an open world adventure game. The scan also showcases two maps that are playable. Those two maps are the Royal Capital and Dungeons. The game is also described as the “Great Battle of the Magical World!” The game is set to come on the PS4 2018 in Japan. The scan also reveals characters form the manga suggesting that it will cover content outside of the anime. The remaining content describes the game as:


 Black Clover Project Knights New Details And Characters Revealed

“The magical knights that protect the Clover Kingdom magically activate in a PS4 game! Asta and company will run around the world of Black Clover (re-produced in vivid 3D graphics! What kind of game will it be? How will magic be used? More will be revealed in the future, including game systems and playable characters…make sure not to miss the next report!!”

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