The Fusion Is Really Bad In The Tournament Of Power


The Potara earrings is a boring pair of gem that is usually seen worn by the Kais. But when humans wore this thing, especially Goku and Vegeta, something explosive will happen. A fusion character will be born that will be even more powerful than the individuals who fused. The Potara earrings is simply one of the last resorts of Universe 7.

But it seems like Universe 6 also know about the power of Potara Earrings. Kale and Caulifla was seen using the Potara Earrings to make way for Kafla, the newest fusion warrior. With Kale’s unbelievable power and Caulifla’s limitless potential, kafla is expected to be a killer warrior in the Tournament of Power.

The usage of the Potara came as unexpected for the fans. The fusion is expected, Kale and Caulifla can do a fusion dance to achieve the Metamormon fusion since it was established early that the usage of weapon or any item is not allowed in the Tournament of Power.

There is actually a foreshadowing in the early part of the Tournament of Power. Even though weapons and items are not allowed, there are exceptions to the rule. One of the earliest example is Master Roshi’s Mafuba Jar. The Mafuba Jar was allowed because the jar is a part of Master Roshi’s attack. Another example is Ribrianne’s magical light (or whatever it is called) that helped her transform into a winged magical girl. (ugh)

The Potara earring is legit because first of all, it was not used as a weapon. Kale and Caulifla never did damage with the earrings, they just wear it and fused into another being. It is more of how Ribrianne was able to transform to her winged form earlier.

I personally don’t recommend the use of fusion in the Tournament of Power. Yep, it will make two person a more powerful entity but it doubles the risk of everything bad. First, after the fusion,there will be two warriors that are out of stamina, not one.

dragon ball super episode 114 fusion

The second factor why I am against it is because fusion does not follow its own rule. When the fusion warrior is so powerful, the fusion will run out quicker. And last but not the least, if the fusion warrior is defeated, two warriors will be eliminated. That is a major loss for a tournament where number is important.


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