Frieza’s Plan to Eliminate Kefla, Frieza vs Kefla?!


The one thing that stuck out immediately in Dragon Ball Super’s episode 114 was when Frieza was searching for his next plaything to entertain him and Dyspo wanting absolutely nothing to do with him. He is out of there and says, “I can’t deal with this guy”. Which is pretty odd itself coming from the 3rd strongest warrior of Universe 11 who had no concern challenging Hit and defeating his time skip.

Maybe, the reason behind it is: From the very beginning, Frieza has been the most cold-blooded fighter, annihilating his opponents in the most humiliating ways. Even bringing his opponents near death for the joy of torturing them before elimination. Frieza was indeed going to have fun with the two female Saiyans, Kale and Caulifla. He even laughed at them while they were getting ready to attack; But, Goku stopped him.

So now we will have to wait and see what Frieza has in store as he still gets pleasure from watching Saiyans crush each other. One key note is after the fusion into Kefla, everyone seemed concerned about their immense power; even Vegeta got distracted in his fight against Toppo. But, Frieza wasn’t concerned in the least and said this will be an entertaining fight.

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Frieza will actually step in against Kefla and show us the true power of his Golden form. Which honestly is something I really want to see; Instead of Goku fighting them, I do hope he taps out and Frieza steps in. The reason is I want Kefla to get badly knocked out, after seeing her overweening attitude. And, Goku won’t be able to do that but if Frieza were to get a chance, He will eliminate her in one of the most humiliating ways.

Don’t forget Frieza is scheming his way to the top and right now will help Goku any way he can to fulfill his plan to attain the Super Dragon Balls. So Frieza isn’t going to let anything happen just yet to Goku. And, Potara-fusions are well known for time limits. Kale’s berserk power could be a possible reason for the fusion breakout. The fusion won’t last much and even if it does, Frieza won’t let the two get eliminated peacefully.

They (Kefla, the fusion) are bound to make mistakes and be full of opening just for a veteran like Frieza to exploit and take advantage of. Frieza is just too much of a tactical fighter and has too much experience in a fight against Kafla.

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What do you think about this? Do you want Frieza to knock Kefla or you just want to see the fight between Goku and Kefla? What is Frieza’s plan for dealing with Jiren? Comment your opinions below.

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