Fortnite: New Bug That Gives You Guaranteed Protection From Shooting

There aren’t many online gamers who haven’t heard the name of Fortnite, the game has been the top selection nowadays but, its quite hard if you compare it with PUBG. The essence is the same which is to remain the last one standing but, creating forts during the game and fighting simultaneously requires skill.

The game is no stranger to bugs as it has been discovered many times and Epic Games has been doing their best to solve these errors to provide all-round fairness. The bugs if used by players can provide them a greater advantage which puts them ahead of others. Can you imagine, the game itself is quite hard and playing against someone who is actually misusing these bugs to his/her advantage, will be quite insane.

Fortnite New Bug:

Recently, another bug has been found and many players have already gotten a way to use it. As I said before, creating forts will determine how good you are and recently according to a report from VGR, it seems that this new bug is a great aid to the crafters, which is quite troublesome.

According to VGR, this new “building bug,” is a handy way for crafters to take turtling beyond the comprehension of normal players. This bug will help you to create any structure right in front of an existing wall without having to edit it manually. That means you can edit structures without having a care in the world, others players won’t be able to track your movements, and you’ll stay safe all the time.

Shooting against players using this is near to impossible, as it would be blocked off before it even reaches the target. Tfue, a streamer exposed this bug, and it is predicted that it came with the recent patch. Players are expecting Epic Games to fix this issue sooner.

The next big update will be coming out on 27th September as it’s when the 6th Season will begin and it will be interesting to see whether players use it or not.

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