Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 7 Release Date: I Don’t Want To Experience Such Heartbreaks Again

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Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 7′ will take us through the different lanes in the relationship of Si Woo and Ha Kyung. A coincidence makes both of them meet at a motel. Due to certain circumstances, Ha Kyung tends to re-evaluate her relationship. Meanwhile, she has to make her work-life balance more stable.

Chae Yu Jin and Ki Joon are trying to make their marriage work, however, at one moment she urges to change the marriage registration date. Is she having second thoughts about it? Has Si Woo anything to do with this? The lives of the characters are somehow intertwined with one another as the wounds that were given have not yet dried. Till now the episode gave its share of twists and turns and the preview seemed to reveal more about Chae Yu Jin and Si Woo’s relationship. 

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Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 6 Recap

Si Woo and Ha Kyung stand in an unanswerable position where both of them hide their reasons as to why they were at the motel. At that moment a woman enters which makes Ha Kyung question Si Woo’s stance. She still couldn’t get over the fact how Ki Joon cheated right in front of her eyes and her heart was not yet ready to face such a situation once more. 

Forecasting Love And Weather
Oh Myung Joo in a conversation with her husband

Meanwhile, at the work front, it’s been reported that the city may experience severe heatwave which makes the members anxious about it. It’s been quite a while since Ha Kyung left home and it felt as if her mother has lost all her spirits. At the training center, Si Woo has been asked to leave the room as a new trainee is supposed to take over. He met Ha Kyung where she told him that they must take it slow or rethink their relationship. Si Woo, though taken aback mentions the reason why he was at the motel the other night. Apparently, he gets a call from his father who is an alcoholic as well as a gambler. There only he met the woman and when he saw his father, Si Woo couldn’t control himself. Despite telling him, he has no money his father was arrogant. 

Forecasting Love And Weather
Ki Joon engrossed in his thoughts

At the office, Ki Joon is having trouble writing down his themed column. Initially, when he was in a relationship with Ha Kyung, she was the one who used to help him with this. On the other hand, Si Woo’s father comes to meet Ha Kyung at the office premises. He kind of blackmails her by saying that he saw Si Woo and her together at the motel and if she wants to keep it a secret, she must lend him some money. 

Ha Kyung has been getting calls repeatedly from her sister, however, she ignores it thinking it’s not important or just another way to bring her back home. Her mother’s health was worsening and she was taken to the hospital. A panicked Ha Kyung reaches there and after some time, her mother’s health stabilizes a bit. The family share their small happy moments and when Si Woo saw that, something made him rethink his decision and he gave his father his last savings. However, a man with no honor, his father proved with his behavior that his sole purpose from Si Woo was money and has nothing to do with him as his son. 

Later at Ha Kyung’s house, Si Woo apologizes for the way his father behaved. A rather calm Ha Kyung insists him to move in at her place. A flashback takes us through her childhood where her father died by suicide. That moment was etched in her heart. She was angry with him for leaving his entire family behind. In this relationship with Si Woo, she wouldn’t want to experience those emotions of heartbreak again.

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Upcoming Storyline Of Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 7

Ha Kyung has finally let go of her inhibitions and started her relationship afresh with Si Woo. How this goes is something to look forward to.

Forecasting Love And Weather
Ha Kyung thinks about her childhood horrors

Also, Chae Yu Jin wants to push her marriage resignation date which came as a huge shock to Ki Jun. 

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Where To Watch Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 7?

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 7 will be available for viewing on JTBC, the original network. The audience can also watch the drama on Netflix. The episodes air two days a week, Saturday and Sunday with an approximate duration of 60- 80 minutes. 

When Will Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 7?

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 7 will release on 5th March 2022. The drama is receiving well ratings and given the fact that the story is going through ups and downs, surely the upcoming episodes will also serve with an interesting storyline.

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