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FNC Entertainment Audition 2021: Everything That Happened

FNC Entertainment Audition
FNC Entertainment

Information FNC Entertainment Audition 2021 is something that all K-Poppers across the world want to know. This excitement is not limited to FNC Entertainment but all artist management agencies in the K-Pop music industry. If young children can manage to pass one of these auditions and make it to an agency, they have the chance to become K-Pop artists. Here is everything you need to know about FNC Entertainment Audition 2021.

Before we tell you more about their audition dates, here are certain facts about FNC Entertainment. They are a big name in the industry. FNC is also home to some of the biggest groups of all time, which includes AOA, SF9, CNBLUE, and Cherry Bullet, among many more. While it is going to be great if you get selected here, make no mistake about understanding that your selection does not guarantee your debut as an artist. Most companies already have a number of trainees with them. Only the best ones can debut. It also depends on the plans that companies have regarding the concepts of each group. Let us now move on to FNC Entertainment Audition Dates 2021.

FNC Entertainment Audition 2021 – Everything you need to know

We hate to come being the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, you are a little late to the party. This is because FNC Entertainment Audition 2021 dates have already passed. More often than not, K-Pop management agencies hold their global auditions in the spring and summer months. This is mainly because during the autumn and winter months, there are innumerable award shows, and people get very busy.

FNC Entertainment Audition Dates 2022

FNC Entertainment current artists

FNC Entertainment Audition 2021 was held between June and July 2021. The application period was June 7th to July 5th. Any person who was born between 1999 and 2009 was eligible to apply. Different management agencies have different criteria. For example, even though FNC Entertainment did not specify any genders for applicants in 2021, YG Entertainment only accepted male applicants.

The audition in 2021 was held in several countries. You don’t have to belong to a certain country in order to apply. There were about two rounds. Face-to-face auditions, if held, were in accordance with all COVID norms. The second audition was entirely only. Thereby it is necessary that all applicants need to have access to proper internet services and electronic devices. If you are waiting for FNC Entertainment Audition 2022, we would suggest you start your preparations as soon as possible. In all probability, FNC Entertainment 2022 auditions will be held following a similar timeline next year. Make sure you’re prepared and keep checking their official website for all updates.

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FNC Entertainment – History and Artists

FNC Entertainment was Han Seong Ho in 2006. In literal terms, FNC stands for ‘Fish and Cake.’ Han Seong Ho is also a famous artist and producer. It did not come as a major surprise to many when he decided to start his own agency. Initially, FNC Entertainment was called FNC Music, and its main focus was on producing music. However, the company was officially renamed in 2012 as its services branched out. Today, FNC Entertainment does it all, from producing music and managing artists to managing events, concerts, and more.

FNC Entertainment Audition 2021

FNC Entertainment

There is also an interesting story behind the funky nomenclature of the company. Well, for starters, the name is mainly based on the miracle that a multitude of people can be fed using only five loaves and two fish. The founder, Han Seong Ho, is a devout follower of Christianity and hopes for similar miracles to happen in the company. Early this year, FNC Entertainment creates two new sub-labels in February. FNC B is a joint venture with HOW Entertainment that mainly focuses on Trot music. Meanwhile, FNC W is an exclusive label for all the girl groups under the agency.

Along with managing K-Pop soloists and groups, FNC Entertainment also has a very enviable number of actors, actresses, and other entertainers. While the big groups include CNBLUE, SF9, AOA, P1Harmony, and Cherry Bullet, soloists under FNC are Hong-gi of F.T. Island and Yonghwa od CNBLUE among many others.

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