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What We Learned From Dragon Ball Super Episode 108

Episode 108 of Dragon Ball Super titled “Frieza and Frost: Conjoined Malice?!” featured the two ice-jins from Universe 6 and Universe 7. It was learned that Frieza was meant to betray Frost from the start. In the end, Frost met his doom when he was blinded by his own anger.

Here are the other things that we learned in the Tournament of Power.


5. Zeno can add another rule in Tournament of Power

There is a new rule in the Tournament of Power that was not originally mentioned before the tournament starts. Frost was eliminated in the Tournament of Power because he let his guard down when Frieza demonstrated his full power. Because he wanted to get revenge on Frieza, he was preparing to blast the Universe 7 ice-jin with a death beam. The two Zenos was fast to react and erased Frost before he can fire the death beam. They then made another rule in the Tournament of Power: no attacks from the outside.


4. Gohan’s long inactivity in battle is taking its toll in the Tournament

Even though he started training recently, Gohan cannot trade fair blows to someone who has been training all these years. His mock fight with Frieza was staged, so it is an excuse if he was being beaten left and right by the ice-jin. But what is inexcusable in his part is his pathetic fight with Jimeze.

As a Gohan fan, it pains me to see Gohan fight like that. His reflexes in moving a book from one page to another are sharper than his fighting instincts. Well, if his real power lies on his rage, then we might see him flashing good combos when he’s angry. I hope he can do that silent rage again in the Tournament of Power.


3. Universe 2 warriors are strangely powerful

Universe 7 guys are rather stoic in battle, but they are shaken by Ribrianne’s attack. Her heart beams are like heavy clouds that brings a sense of chilly wave in the spine despite its cheery appearance. Even Vegeta will not try to touch Ribrianne and it is the first time Vegeta reacted like that. This might be a great problem in the future.

And because of this effect, Goku cannot even touch Ribrianne to land an attack that would damage her. His Ki Blasts are ineffective and who knows what will be effective against Ribrianne.


2. Gods of Destruction can be easily manipulated

I don’t know if Frieza is just a Master Manipulator or the Gods of Destruction are just prone to manipulation. Champa really believed that Frieza was on their side as evident to how shocked he is when Frieza eliminated Frost. Even Beerus believed that Frieza was really on their side. If it wasn’t for the three old baldies in the bench who know Frieza longer, he wouldn’t realize Frieza’s real intent.


1. Frieza will never join the side of good

He may have a glowing halo above his head right now, but Frieza will never be on the side of the good. He will only work with other people if he has benefit to gain. If there’s one thing that is more certain than the power levels, Frieza’s evil schemes will probably be the one.

I got this feeling that his true motive is to wish to the Super Dragon Ball to make him the King of the Multiverse. Nobody can stop him, even the Gods. And Zeno-sama will be nothing, just a toddler trying to comprehend why his candy was gone.

Written by Keira Alexandria

My name is Keira Alexandria and I'm from the Philippines. I'm proud to say that I'm a hardcore anime fan. I have watched lots of anime and have read lots of manga. I mainly write about Dragon Ball Super. You can get in touch with me at

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