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Five members of ENHYPEN Tested Positive for COVID-19

Jungwon, Heesung, JAY, Jake and Sunghoon from ENHYPEN tested positive while undergoing self-quarantine after being classified as close contact cases.

Five of the seven members of ENHYPEN have been tested positive for COVID-19. In an official statement released by BELIFT LAB on September 2, 2021, they informed the fans about the health status of the idols. Jungwon, Heesung, JAY, Jake, and Sunghoon have been tested positive and are taken care of under the necessary measures.

The members of the South Korean boy band ENHYPEN were undergoing self-quarantine since August 27, Friday. The septet had a production shoot on August 25. The following day, a staff member present on the set was tested positive. Immediately after the reports came, all the seven members were also tested and confirmed to be negative. However, complying with the necessary health guidelines issued in the public interest they had to postpone their schedules. Since ENHYPEN was classified as a close contact case, they had to self-quarantine themselves till September 8, 2021. All their activities and schedules were brought on hold.

In the statement that the company released on August 27, 2021, it mentioned that the artists were kept under necessary safety measures. ENGENEs were a little disheartened as the schedules were postponed. But, more than anything, all they wished for was the safety of their idols. The entire ENGENE Twitter was filled with good wishes and better hopes.

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ENHYPEN tested positive for COVID-19

According to the statement released by the agency, the members were under self-quarantine. Also, all the staff present on the production set were maintaining social distance. Till that day, no members had any sort of symptoms of the infection. Until Sunday, when Jake began to show symptoms like cough and a little bit cold. Immediate actions were taken, and he was taken for the COVID-19 test. They reported his symptoms to the local government health center, and later Jake underwent PCR testing.

The tests results came out on Monday, August 30, and Jake was tested positive. On the same day, Jungwon, Heesung, JAY, and Sunghoon began showing slight symptoms. The test was carried out for the other four members, and the diagnosis was revealed to be positive.

As per the company’s statement, necessary measures are being carried out. The process of assigning and relocating the members to the health facilities is in progress. Additionally, the other two members, namely Sunoo and NIKI, are also undergoing self-quarantine. All the artists and staff members are going through self-testing twice a day.

Ever since the diagnosis of the staff, the members and the rest of the crew have been practicing self-quarantine in order to prevent the further spread of the infection. They have been monitoring their health closely because of which they were able to notice the symptoms and diagnose the infection on time.

The company stated that the symptoms are low. Hence the chances of speedy recovery are more. ENGENEs are sending their best wishes through Twitter and Weverse as they are taken aback by this sudden sad news about the member’s health.

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Get Well Soon ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN was also supposed to be making an appearance on KCON:TACT HI 5 which is now canceled because of the COVID-19 situation. Here is the official statement made by the company.

ENGENEs are especially sad as September 18 is the debut date of the Korean boy band. They debuted on September 18, 2020, through a reality survival show, “I-Land”. On September 17, 2020, the grand finale episode was aired, where these seven out of the total 23 boys made it till the end, finally becoming the monster rookies ENHYPEN. September 18, 2021, would have marked their first debut anniversary, and both the idols and the fandom must have had planned a lot of things to celebrate the auspicious day.

Sadly, due to the sudden bad news, it seems like there would not be a lot of activities from the idol’s end. But, ENGENEs surely would never leave their idols alone, especially on such a special day. Let us be patient and not lose hope, and I am sure we can definitely make this first debut anniversary a really memorable one.

On the evening of September 2, Sunoo took it to Weverse to assure the ENGENEs that ENYPEN was alright and that they don’t need to worry.

A fan account on Twitter translated Sunoo’s Weverse update as follows:

Even in this tough time, both ENHYPEN and ENGENE cannot stop worrying about each other. We really hope they are able to overcome this difficult time with better health and stronger immunity.

Additionally, ENHYPEN was also speculated to make a comeback towards the end of September. But, because of the situation, the release is possibly postponed further ahead.

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