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Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 6: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Fena: Pirate Princess

The journey of the pirates and the princess begins with Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 6, with Yukimura rescuing Fena from the bandits. Fena has now become a true pirate after getting her new pirate costume. Fena: Pirate Princess reveals how Fena got abducted and gains mysterious powers while traveling with the band of pirates. This episode will air online this coming Sunday. From the latest Fena: Pirate Princess episode, Shitan’s brother met with his uncle and revealed that their plans are operating well.  He asks why the uncle choose Shitani since Yukimaru trusts him. Shintan’s brother is worried that Shitan is too attached to others.

The uncle replies that he choose Shitan for the same reason, and it will prevent Shitan from falling under the sway of the witch. Shintan’s brother comments that Yukimaru has already fallen under the witch’s spell and wonders if that is his suspicion. The uncle re0plies that he will answer that question later. He realizes that the day Hope sank, it was Shintan’s brother who saved Yukimaru’s life. From that day, Yukimaru recognizes Shintani’s brother as his brother. But he trained in swordplay to emulate Shintan’s brother.

The uncle asks Shintan’s brother, Kei, if he thinks that Yukimaru has surpassed him. Kei replies that he will confirm the day he crosses his sword with Yukimaru. He sent a message to Shitan, who is in the same boat as Yukimaru. Shitan received the messages and heard Kanri calling him. But he hid that note. Kibaki talked about Orleans that is in France. Fena showed them the stone that was mined at Orleans and got processed in Libar-Oberstein. But the Burgermeister told Fena that it is unusual for that to happen.

Previously on Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 5

Shitan told the crew that the client who commissioned the stone was one Joan of Arc. Kibaki wonders if Joan of Arc is the one from the Hunder Years’ War. Kanri comments that it was five years after she was executed. Kibaki replies that it sounds fishy and notices that Fena is supporting Kanri’s statement. Yukimaru adds that it is not something that they can accept at face value, but there is also no reason not to believe it. Kanri thinks that the guy who told them the story has no reason for lying. Kibaki suggests going there and wonders if it is far.

Fena: Pirate Princess

Fena: Pirate Princess

Shintani comments that they can go where the wind takes them. The twin brothers support Shintan’s comments. Yukimaru told the team what they have to do and maintain a western heading, set in at Nates for supplies, and then head up the Loire River. Later the crew arrives in the mountains, and Fena uses the map to lead them to their destination. Kanri is surprised to see holes and asks the captain of the ship to tell them something. Fena replies that the Burgermeister doesn’t say anything about all these holes. Yukimaru told Fena to pick any of the holes, and they will take that direction.

The rival band of pirates is watching over them and comments that it is the Easterners. One of the ladies asks if those guys guy can give Anne’s crew trouble. Anne comments that Fena looks like a kitten to her. Fena wonders which entrance she should choose and told Yukinmaru that it is tough. Yukimari suggests that they will split into teams and use a different entrance. Fena showed them where they should start. During their journey, Anne captured Fena and reveals that Yukimari is El Dorado and leaves with Fena.

Fena: Pirate Princess

Fena: Pirate Princess

Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 6 Release Date

Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 6 will be released on Sunday, 12 September 2021, at 1:00 PM. The upcoming episode will be on Sunday. Fena: Pirate Princess has twelve episodes for this season. Look at the Fena: Pirate Princess latest news below.

Where To Watch Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 6

You can watch Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 6 online on Crunchyroll and VRV. Fena: Pirate Princess will update new details on Chrunchyroll and official platforms. The new episodes of Fena: Pirate Princess air 0n Crunchyroll with English subtitles.

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