Fairy Tail (2018) Episode 4 Spoilers – Underground Clash

In the last episode of Fairy Tail 2018, Natsu managed to find a clue about Gray’s whereabouts and succeeded in locating Avatar, Gray’s current guild. In hopes that Natsu can knock out Gray’s foolishness and bring him back to rebuild Fairy Tail, the trio will fight the Avatar then and there. In Fairy Tail 2018 episode 4, Natsu and Gray will have a small reunion.

Fairy Tail 2018 Episode 4 – Underground Clash

Before Happy and Natsu can wreak havoc in the Avatar church, Lucy will stop them and suggests that they need to be more careful, that’s why a sneaky approach is better. Calling Virgo, Lucy used Star Dress in Virgo form before they enter the church. They entered the church successfully without getting caught Natsu screamed for Gray, which alerted Avatar members about intruders.

Their first enemy would be Abel who will use Mr. Cursey that he received from Kain. While Lucy and Virgo are intimidated, Natsu will finish him with one exploding punch and stated that he is not the one he’s after, but Gray. The next enemy that they will face is Goumon, who will use Telekinesis to trap Natsu in the Iron Maiden. The Iron Maiden started melting which will enable Natsu to escape and defeat Goumon. D-6 appeared, but Natsu successfully defeated him. After the three defeats from Avatar, Gray will arrive with intent of dealing with Natsu himself.

fairy tail 2018 episode 4

Natsu and Lucy tried to convince Gray to stop the nonsense and go with them to rebuild Fairy Tail. Gray will refuse and tells them that he is no longer required to revive it since he already abandoned it. Lucy will slap him, but then she will feel pain when Mary attacked her. Goumon uses chains to incapacitate Natsu and Virgo while Abel uses Mr. Cursey to control Happy. Natsu will try to protect Lucy but will be stopped by Jerome. When Natsu tried to reason out with Gray, the Devil-Slayer will show the mark of Avatar replacing the mark of Fairy Tail in his chest.

While Natsu and Lucy infiltrate Avatar in Fairy Tail 2018 episode 4, Gajeel and Panther Lily will meet Levy, who is the informant of the Rune Knight in Avatar. It seems like Gajeel is prepared to fight against Gray. Did Gray really end up being an enemy? We will know more in the future episodes of Fairy Tail 2018.

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