Everything We Know About South Park Season 25

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South Park Season 25
South Park Season 25

South Park Season 25 is just around the corner. The adult animated sitcom by Trey Parker and Matt Stone will return to Comedy Central in February, and today we are sharing with you all the details regarding the latest season. Moreover, since 1997 the show managed to position itself as a cultural staple covering all sorts of historical events. And that’s not all, with the recent deal inked by Parker and Stone, we are going to see a lot more.

South Park grew from a little show at Comedy Central to a worldwide reaching franchise with video games, movies, and toys. Kenny, Eric, Kyle, and Stan go around South Park, Colorado dealing with everyday life. And that means multiple encounters with outlandish things like aliens, pot-smoking towels, and cannibals. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin covering this topic

South Park Season 25
Most of the voices are performed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone

South Park Renewed For 5 More Seasons

Back in August 2021, ViacomCBS penned a deal with the South Park creators for US$ 900 million for 5 more seasons which include films, online content, and episodes in one of the most lucrative deals ever made in history of television. And that’s pretty good news because it means that South Park is here to stay and it ain’t going nowhere. Currently at season 25, this renewal implies that South Park will continue at least until Season 30 with more outlandish adventures.

For the CEO of ViacomCBS, Chris McCarthy, having South Park in its roster implies that many generations grow up under the subversive and counter-cultural world of the situational comedy created by Parker and Stone. And with Paramount+ now on the panorama of streaming as a steady competitor, this recently inked deal will imply more direct to streaming content that will drag more viewers to its platform. Just recently, Paramount+ hosted two South Park feature films spoofing the COVID-19 pandemic. The Viacom deal will include fourteen movies with Paramount+, so we’ll be seeing a whole lot more.

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South Park Season 24 Finale Recap

Mr. Mackey and Thomas Adler go to a Walgreens to get vaccinated against COVID-19, only to find a long line outside. Only senior citizens are admitted, so they and everyone else in line are turned away. Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick play a prank on Margaret Nelson, their teacher, in which she sits on a packet of ketchup to give the impression that she is menstruating. Nelson, humiliated, quits after the prank is carried out, revealing that she has not been vaccinated.

After completing his term as President, Mr. Garrison returns to South Park with his assistant, Mr. Service, to resume his career as a teacher, replacing Nelson. Many town residents oppose Garrison’s return; however, the White family is one of Garrison’s few supporters, and they appeal to him about vaccinations. Garrison’s dismissive remark is interpreted by Bob White as a coded command to spread QAnon’s conspiracy theories among children. Bob forms Tutornon, a private company, to indoctrinate the children, whose enraged parents hire them after their children are removed from Garrison’s class.

Prank Consequence

Cartman, Kenny, Stan Marsh, and Kyle Broflovski face backlash for their prank, so they decide to make amends by obtaining vaccines for their teachers under the guise of forming the Kommunity Kidz. The boys gain entry to Walgreens by bribing an older woman who has already been vaccinated; when discovered, they flee with a tray of vaccines, with several townspeople pursuing them.

Cartman wants to sell the vaccines on the internet, Stan wants the boys to take the vaccines themselves, and Kyle’s parents are pressuring him to deliver some doses. The boys put their differences aside to pay the vaccines to the school, but the Lil’ Qties, a group of children indoctrinated by their tutors, get in the way. The two groups fight with the help of QAnon members and other town residents who want the vaccines.

South Park Season 2
South Park will return to Comedy Central on February


Garrison confronts the White family, who inform him of QAnon and its anti-elite conspiracy theories. Mr. Service and Garrison are urged to join Bob in opposing the elite by Bob. Instead, the three are mysteriously transported to a polar landscape, where the elites toy with Bob. Mr. Service’s transformation into Mr. Hat answers Garrison’s desperate call to the elites, pleading with them to return his life to normal. Meanwhile, Cartman, Stan, and Kyle start talking about a new plan to get into the school.

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Still, they get sidetracked by Kenny’s increasingly elaborate schedule plans, their friendship shattered by mutual mistrust. After forming a strategic alliance with the elites, Garrison returns and arranges for an aircraft to arrive with enough vaccines for everyone. Cartman, Stan, and Kyle finally enter the school with the teachers’ vaccines; however, Nelson has already contracted COVID-19 and died. The town celebrates being vaccinated at her funeral, and life in South Park goes back to normal.

South Park Season 25 Trailer

South Park Season 25 Possible Plotlines

Season 25 of “South Park” is likely to revolve around Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny, as well as a number of other classmates and trusted adults. “South Park” has a notoriety for being incredibly important and relevant, with episodes frequently mocking current events. Election episodes are frequently released within 24 hours of an election, and an episode depicting Saddam Hussein’s capture aired three days after he was captured in real life. The making of “South Park” has even spawned a documentary that details how the team is able to produce entire episodes in under a week.

One of the most likable elements of “South Park” is the rapid turnover of episodes. Which has cemented the show’s status as a pop-culture staple. We can all look to current events for clues as to what might be in the upcoming season of “South Park.” Given that Trey Parker and Matt Stone now own the restaurant, we might get another Casa Bonita episode.

The Cultural Influence of South Park

South Park is one of the greatest entertainment franchises because are all cartoons. Funny and mean, Parker and Stone managed to create a mockery of virtually every talking point in society. From the conservative talking points to the negative aspects of liberal democrats and everything in between. With such disregard for political correctness and an upholding of libertarian beliefs, the show managed to grow deep into the minds of many generations. And this is a talking point that even the ViacomCBS CEO considered valuable for the renewal of the show, as expressed earlier in our piece.

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Firstly, Trey Parker voices Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Mackey, Randy Marsh, Clyde, and the PC Principal. Secondly, South Park co-creator Matt Stone voices Kyle Broflovsky, Butters Stotch, and Scott Malkinson. The bulk of the female characters are voiced by April Stewart, this includes Liane Cartman, Sharon Marsh, Wendy Testaburger, Carol McCormick, Shelley Marsh, and Principal Victoria. Rounding up the voice cast we also have Mona Marshall and Eliza Schneider. We might see some celebrity guest voices as we’ve seen in the past. But that depends entirely on the developers and creators of this program.

Where to Watch South Park?

If you wish to watch South Park, you can do it via Comedy Central during its air time, or via its app and website. Also, you can watch South Park via online platforms like HBO Max and DirecTV, which have all twenty-four past seasons. Also, Fubo TV and Spectrum have the show available for streaming. Additionally, if you wish to purchase the shows, you can do it via the Microsoft Store, Google Play. Vudu, Amazon Direct Video, or Apple iTunes. In the next section, we share with you details about the upcoming release of South Park.

South Park Season 25
Eric Cartman from South Park

South Park Season 25 Release Date

South Park season 25 will release on February 2, 2022, on Comedy Central at 20:00 hrs Eastern Time, United States. Firstly, this season will consist of ten to fourteen episodes of twenty-five to thirty minutes run time. Secondly, this is the first full season since 2019 because season 24 got halted by COVID-19 and only consisted of two episodes. Thirdly, every new episode will drop on Wednesdays. And with this, we conclude our coverage of South Park Season 25 here at Otakukart. Thank you for reading our scoop. And please keep coming back to our website for more daily updates on all your favorite series, movies, and shows.

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