Escape The Night Season 3 Cast, Episodes 2 Summary

Escape The Night Season 3

Joey Graceffa is back with 9 other YouTubers to have another adventure. Escape The Night Season 3 was up and things are getting really retro out there. The group started out in a jolly carnival out of nowhere.  Who are the casts of this season and who was eliminated in the first episode?

It turns out the evil from the last season was not clearly killed. Joey signed a contract in which he needs to save a cursed town to get back to the living. He lured his friends to help on saving the cursed city. Will his team go to turn against him once they discover their situation?

Escape The Night Season 3 Cast

New casts are introduced in this new season, together with the new roles that they must fulfill. Colleen Ballinger is the Disco Dancer and Manny Guittierez is the Record Producer. Matthew Patrick is the Detective and Nikita Dragun is the Trouble Maker. Roi Fabito or Known as Guava Juice is the Daredevil while Rosanna Pansino is the Jet Setter. Safiya Nygaard is the Investigative Reporter, Teala Dunn is the Super Spy, and last but the least, JC Caylen is the Hippie. Episode 1 was released and we are introduced to the first villain of the season. And what else should be there but the four evil Killer Clowns?

Escape The Night Season 3 cast
Escape The Night Season 3

Escape The Night Season 3 Episode 2 Spoilers

After all the struggle form the first episode, Joey, and his friends are captured by the Evil Killer Clowns. The identity of the clowns was revealed when two of Joey’s group rode the Ferris Wheel and discovered a newspaper that bears the Clowns on its Front Page. However, that’s not all blue in this first episode. The group found out that to free the town, they must restore the Carnival Master’s wicked artifacts. A mission that will require two to undertake a battle to the death, which is very unfortunate for one guest.

Ultimately, JC and Teala were chosen to do the battle. In the end, Teala was safe and JC The Hippie was eliminated. That’s it for the episode 2 spoilers. Episode 3 will be more interesting so we better watch out for the plot twists.

We will keep you updated with Escape The Night Season 3 Episode 3 spoilers and leaks.