Escape Room 2: Everything You Need To Know

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions more popularly called Escape Room 2 was stuck in development hell for quite a long time. Everything about the movie from its production and scheduling was marred with different problems and even though it was originally scheduled to release in April 2020, it was postponed and sometimes even moved forward a number of times.

Owing to the limitations set by COVID-19, a worldwide release wasn’t possible, and therefore to overcome that production houses came up with the hybrid option, Whilst that was a sigh of relief to the majority of the fans waiting for the movie, it also created mass confusion amongst those who do not understand how the whole hybrid system really works. Today we are here to delve into the details and more. You’d be happy to know that despite the hurdles that came along its way, Escape Room finally made it to the big screen.

Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions Australia Release

Escape Room 2 was released in theatres across Australia on July 1.

This year, on July 1st Escape Room 2 was released in theatres across Australia, however, that doesn’t mean it got a worldwide release. There are a lot of fans around the world waiting to watch the movie in cinemas. And as most production houses have it, there’s a hybrid release option available as well.

Escape Room 2: South Korea And Iceland

As far as the rest of the theatres are concerned, Escape Room 2 is releasing on July 14th, 2021, in South Korea and Iceland. As already talked about, the sequel to the 2019 psychological horror-thriller has been out in Australia. For the rest of the fans in Hong Kong, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Russia, and Ukraine, there’s good news for them as well. Escape Room 2 is coming out in theatres near them on July 15th.

Escape Room 2: USA, UK, And Canada

For others in the USA, UK, Canada, Escape Room sequel is all slated for the July 16th release date. As far as the online/ hybrid release is concerned, we are here to tell you that there is no confusion pertaining to the same. In other words, the movie is not up for a hybrid release and will only be out in select theatres in these countries. For now, it’s not known what prompted the makers to say no to the hybrid release but for fans who do not prefer to see it that way, the theatre option comes as a sigh of relief. This means fans will have to gear outside their cinema halls to watch the much-awaited movie.

As is the trend, most of the production houses have either released their projects online and/or made them available for Video On Demand or VOD watch within the first month of theatrical release. For now, all we can say on this account is that fans of the movie all across the world who still want the hybrid option will have to wait for an official word from Sony as that’s the distribution house concerned with the said project.

Escape Room 2: Cast and Plot

Now comes the main part of the discussion, who all are in Escape Room 2 and what’s the much-raved about plot already about. As far as the cast of the movie is concerned, Canadian actress Taylor Russell and American actor Logan Miller will be reprising their respective roles as Zoey Davis and Ben Miller from the original Escape Room movie.

Zoey Davis and Ben Miller will reprise roles from the original Escape Room movie.

Besides the lead characters, other actors involved in Escape Room 2 along with their roles are:

  • Indya Moore as Brianna Collier
  • Holland Roden as Rachel Ellis
  • Thomas Cocquerel as Nathan
  • Carlito Olivero as Theo

The plot of the movie is focused on the leads namely Zoey and Ben, who are all set to go against Minos Escape Rooms Corporation, which was behind the escape rooms in the first film. As the name suggests, the plot keeps up with the overall theme as Zoey and Ben will be trapped in the escape room this time as well, thus paving way for the psychological horror plot to unfold.

Escape Room 2: Running Time

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions or Escape Room 2 runs for a total of one hour 28 minutes or is 88 minutes long.