ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Talks About Idol Life Being A ‘Blessed Cursed’

Enhypen Jungwon's Weverse Interview
Jungwon cr: Belift Lab

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon is no doubt everyone’s favorite leader. For those of you who are in the dark, ENHYPEN is currently the talk of Kpop town. They debuted with the chart-topping EP Border: Day One on the 20th of November. Moreover, the Kpop boy group is managed by Belift lab, which is a collaboration of HYBE Corporation and CJ ENM. The group was formed on a survival show named I-Land, which was organized by Belift Lab and aired on Mnet. The show premiered on the 18th of September and started off with 23 male participants, out of which the final seven members formed the talented band that we now know as ENHYPEN. Moreover, six of the members were selected based on votes, and one special member was chosen by the producer of I-Land.

Yang Jongwon, more popularly known by his stage name Jungwon is the leader of ENHYPEN. Despite being the second-youngest member, Jungwon’s all-rounder skills and talent have made him the leader of the group. Considering that Jungwon was an SM Entertainment trainee for over three years, it is no shock that he has Godly vocals. After SM Entertainment, Jungwon trained at HYBE for over a year. In a recent interview with Weverse, Jungwon bared it all for fans and talked about everything from his dog to ENHYPEN’s latest album.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Talks About Idol Life In Weverse Magazine Interview

After the release of their latest album, Dimension: Answer, on the 10th of January, Enhypen members had a candid interview with the Weverse magazine where they revealed everything from the music-making process to their stage performances. During this candid back and forth, the young leader of the group, Jungwon, talked about how much he misses his dog. All ENHYPEN fans know how big of a dog lover Jungwon is. Moreover, his dog is also the same age as ENHYPEN as both came into Jungwon’s life at around the same time. He further revealed that every time that he visits home, Maeum, his dog keeps getting unbelievably bigger. The K-pop star joked that this must be because of his large appetite.

Enhypen Jungwon's Weverse Interview
Jungwon cr: BE: LIFT Lab

Jungwon Talks About ENHYPEN Winning At The 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards

Although they debuted at the tail end of 2020, the group has achieved a lot because of his hard work and talent. Unsurprisingly, Jungwon revealed that as a leader, he could not be more grateful and happy for the love and support that they have received. Additionally, Jungwon said that he was pretty new to all this. And despite constantly keeping a note in his head to mention everyone who has helped them, he forgot to mention Bang Hyungsik itself. However, he made sure to rely on how grateful he and all the members of ENHYPEN were to the entire performance directing team for making sure that everything was perfect. Despite being fairly new, ENHYPEN managed to bag awards at the 2021 MAMA, Melon Music Awards, Ten Asia Global Top 10 Awards, Gaon Charts Music Awards, and so many more.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Talks About The Beauty Of Performing Offline

The popular 4th generation Kpop boy Group ENHYPEN debuted in November of 2020 when the pandemic had already taken over. Due to this, most of the activities that the group did were conducted online. Furthermore, Jungwon revealed that performing offline in front of a live audience is totally different from performing online. He talked about how looking at people cheering them on sets off something different in his body. Jungwon said that he gave his all in, and by the time the performance ended, he was sweating buckets. Moreover, being the thoughtful person that he is, Jungwon talked about how hard it must have been for the artists who are used to a live audience. After getting the taste of performing in front of an in-person audience, he can not imagine going back to online mode. And ENGENE had felt the same as well.

Enhypen Jungwon's Weverse Interview
Jungwon cr: BE:LIFT Lab

What Does The Track ‘Blessed-Cursed’ Mean For Jungwon?

ENHYPEN’s leader revealed that this era of their music is going to be a lot different from the past one. Furthermore, the past era was all about how blessed they were. But now, they will also be talking about the pressures and burdens of being an idol. However, we want to break free from and write our own destiny in our own way. The track is a representation of those feelings.

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