ENHYPEN’s Jake Talks About Switching Roommates, Late Night Snacks, and Collaborating With TXT’s Yeonjun

ENHYPEN Jake Interview
Jake cr: Belift Entertainment

Enhypen’s Jake never fails to make us fall in love with him through his energetic performances and insane rapping skills. Furthermore, Jake is one of the seven members of the mega-popular 4th generation Kpop Boy Group formed on the survival show I-Land. His Korean name is actually Sim Jae-Yun. Jake was one of the top three finalists of the show. Moreover, Jake trained to be an idol for nine months. Jake moved to Australia when he was only eight years old, and fans can recognize his Aussie accent anywhere.

Not only is Enhypen’s Jake super talented and good-looking, he also is insanely smart. His former classmates have revealed that Jake was always one of the top students in the class. To add more cherries on the top, Jake Sim is reported to be filthy rich. Fans have even made compilations of Jake being rich for so and so minutes straight. Jake has his own charm and is one of the most talented members of ENHYPEN. While talking to Weverse magazine, Jake talked about ENHYPEN’s journey, changing roommates, his members, and so much more. Let us find out what ENHYPEN’s Jake had to say.

ENHYPEN’s Jake Fills In Weverse Magazine On What’s Been Happening

After their recent successful comeback with Dimension: Answer, which got over half a million pre-orders, the members of ENHYPEN sat in an interview with Weverse magazine. All the members, including Jake, had a lot to say about all the changes that have happened ever since their debut. Furthermore, Jake talked about how everything he does comes down to making his fans happy. He further talked about becoming roomies with fellow member Jay. While talking about Jay being his roommate, Jake had a lot of jokes about him being the only one who does the cleaning. Fans would also love to find out that the main reason behind Jake and Jay deciding to become roomies is because they wanted to play games. We also got to know more about his amazing chemistry with the members when NI-KI chimed in to reveal that Jake and Heesung always have late-night snacks at night.

ENHYPEN's Jake Weverse Interview
Jake cr: Belift Lab

ENHYPEN’s Jake Talks About Performing At The 2021 Melon Music Awards

The first thing that came to Jake’s mind when he was asked about his awesome performance at the MMA’s was how bad he felt for stepping on people’s backs. Additionally, Jake also flexed his athletic abilities by joking that he was chosen for catching the rugby ball in the choreography because the creators noticed how good he is at sports. During his performance on stage, fans were in awe of Jake’s duality. His expression changed into that of an angel while performing ‘Tamed-Dashed‘ whereas his eyes turned deadly during the energetic dance break with Ni-Ki. When asked about what his thought process is while performing on stage, Jake said he chooses his stage persona based on the concept. For instance, as Tamed-Dashed is a happy song, he tried to think of all things good and flowery while performing the song.

ENHYPEN’s Jake Talks The Behind The Scenes Of ‘Blessed-Cursed’

Blessed Cursed was not just a huge surprise for all the ENHYPEN fans but also the members. This era is a new one for ENHYPEN, not just in terms of lyrics but also choreography and vocals. In the Weverse magazine interview, Jake revealed that although all their dance choreographies are hard, Blessed Cursed takes home the trophy. Jake further revealed that he was not much into dancing and picked it up from other participants during his I-Land days. Moving on to vocals, Jake said that he made sure his voice was more hoarse to suit the vibe as it is a rock song. Jake went on to share a trick where if you tighten your vocal cords, your voice would come off more hoarse and rough. Go, vocal coach Jake!

So just like he tightened his vocal cords to match the vibe in ‘Blessed-Cursed’, he sang with both his voice and heart open in Polaroid Love. We cannot wait to see what Jake and ENHYPEN have in store for us in the year 2022!

Jake cr: Belift Lab

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