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Emma Stone Might Sue Disney Plus For Cruella

Emma Stone Might Sue Disney Plus For Cruella

Emma Stone might actually sue Disney Plus with the release of Cruella on its streaming platform. She has not done the task yet although, the media knows about her giving this idea a brief thought. This story was released on Disney Plus back on the 28th of May 2021. The tale is about a villainous lady named Cruella whose role has been performed by actress Emma Stone in the film. It utilized the Premier Access feature, which is worth 29.99 US dollars. It is how the previous films such as Mulan as well as Raya and Last Dragon have launched.

Now, you guys should know that Cruella did an excellent job among the fans as well as the critics. Everybody loved the story and even Emma Stone being in the front. Although, the issue arose with the box office numbers. These were not so impressive after all and caused trouble. It is said that the format in which the creators opted for the release of this film affected its growth and reach. The critics blame the hybrid release pattern that hindered the overall numbers of the Cruella box office stage.

Another film by Disney that held a similar release pattern was Black Widow. Everyone was so excited for the release in the theatres, and even Kevin Feige said that masterpieces such as Black Widow are not for home releases. Despite the statement, after witnessing the rising Corona Virus cases, they all agreed to put up Black Widow on Disney Plus as well. As for the film Black Widows, it set a new record for being the highest-grossing pandemic film till this point in time.

Emma Stone Might Sue Disney Plus For Cruella

Still from Cruella.

Emma Stone Might Sue Disney after Scarlett Johansson

On the other hand, lead actress Scarlett Johansson saw a big loss on her behalf. This is what led her to file a lawsuit against Disney Plus on the basis of breach of her contract. It is obvious that the actress will be paid on the basis of the box office numbers that are gathered. Although, with the film releasing on via the Premier Access model, her salary will be affected. Now the fact that Scarlett has stood up against this injustice, it is said that Emma Stone will rise above too.

It is being said right now that Emma Stone might also follow Scarlett’s footsteps and file her own lawsuit against Disney Plus. There are other well-known celebrities as well who are speaking out on this issue, such as Emily Blunt herself, given that her film Jungle Cruise is going to open this week. The media is dubbing Disney very difficult to deal with right now, given that they are unreasonable over the salary of their actors. Obviously, with Scarlett standing up against what is wrong with the services, it might courage other actors, too, to speak out for their rights.

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What Does Disney has to say?

It can also be seen that Scarlett is backed up by immense support from a lot of artists in the industry right now. We also know that issues like these are generally being shushed up by the bigger authorities. But this time, it does not look like that would actually happen. The entire legal team of Disney, full of lawyers, was quick to respond to what Scarlett claims in her lawsuit with their own statement. They say that the Disney Plus studio has stuck to all the points mentioned in the contract made with Scarlett Johansson. They also tried to contradict the claim of what Scarlett Johansson said.

Disney Plus says that the salary given to the actress was actually increased rather than getting hindered due to the release on the platform. Well, it is hard to understand who is right in this matter right now. We could obviously understand the entire situation better if the actual contract is shared with the public. Although, it is next to impossible that Scarlett Johansson or Disney Plus is ever going to do so. Given that Scarlett Johansson is surely one of the biggest figures in the Hollywood world right now, Walt Disney Company is not small either.

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