Emma Chamberlain Net Worth: Smash-hit Success of the YouTube Star

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Emma Chamberlain is an American YouTuber and an outbreaking social media star at just the age of 20. She began her journey in 2017, and within no time, she was included in the list of recipients of the ‘Streamy Award’ for Breakout Creator. In 2019, she was also given the title of the Funniest Person on Youtube. She is known for her funny and self-deprecating videos. Emma has drifted the whole social media world from contemporary stereotypes to realistic norms. Her content is relatable; the instinctual editing tactics of her make Emma’s content different from the others. This is the reason she has achieved great stardom too soon. With 10.4 million subscribers on YouTube, Emma is now amongst the known celebrities.

This emerging YouTube star has also made her attempt in the business world with the introduction of her Coffee brand entitled ‘Chamberlain coffee’.She shares her coffee recipe there, which is really worth the hype. You should, too, try one! Emma’s authentic content is something that has given her unbounded fame and success. Want to know what is the net worth of this young media fame? We will provide the accurate numbers of Emma Chamberlains’ net worth in this article.

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Emma’s Professional Career

Emma Frances Chamberlain was brought up in San Bruno, California. Both of her parents parted ways when Emma was just five because the relationship between the two was not so prosperous. Being the only child, her medium of recreation was YouTube and social media. So, from a very young age, she was a bit inclined towards the digital world. She dropped off of her school and decided to pursue her YouTube career, and this verdict of hers was also subsidized by her parents. At present, she has put up several videos on her YouTube channel. Every video of her describes a day-to-day cult of everyones’ life. She never fails to bring out the best content on the Internet. Emma is also among the most influential people on the Internet.

Emma Chamberlain net worth
Emma Chamberlain(Image via Getty)

She went Viral with her video, ‘We All Owe The Dollar Store An Apology‘ in 2017. With just 4000 subscribers back then, today, she has a million followers. After that, she collaborated with some of the creators, which triggered an abrupt increase in subscriptions to her channel. Presently, she has even her clothing merchandise where she sells her signature hoodies. She is also a leading face for popular brands like Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein. Emma doesn’t have to improvise anything on the screen, her style of bringing out the content is enough to make her stand out. We can expect more relatable and amazing videos from her in the future. This young superstar has a long way to go. She is even all set to make her appearance in the Hollywood industry.

Emma Chamberlain Net Worth

As of 2021, Emma Chamberlain’s net worth is an impressive $12 million. She has put up with the Internet by the Storm with her extraordinary vlogging representation. Emma also earns a substantial amount of money from her Podcasts. Recently, she updated the title of her Podcast from ‘Stupid genius’ to ‘Anything goes’. Her linkup with the fashion industry has also given rise to her immense fortune. She also endorses few brands through her social media epithets. Emma is a prominent media personality with over 13.3 million followers on Instagram.

Emma Chamberlain net worth
Emma Chamberlain at Louis Vuitton Show

Recently, she purchased a house worth $ 3.9 million in West Hollywood, California. Some of the established publications also got her accentuated with them, and she has also been an official correspondent at Vogue magazine. To repay what she has accomplished from her flourishing career, Emma is also involved in a few philanthropic activities. She is associated with a non-profit organization called “Make a Wish Foundation”. There, she shares her experiences with the viewers and guides the audience on the path to a successful creator.

Chamberlain has made most of her money from YouTube and vlogging. Her clothing lines have also helped her in collecting a good amount. Being a social media influencer, she often comes up with new money-making ideas which help her to heighten her competent life. The number of years she has put into the fashion industry has assisted her in mastering all the skills that she needs to be successful.

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