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Ek Thi Begum Real Life Characters: Ashraf, Zaheer, and Maqsood

Ashraf and Zaheer
Ashraf and Zaheer

Ek Thi Begam is a crime thriller series. Its first season was released on April 8th, 2020. Which covered the story of the main character Ashraf Bhatkar who wants to take revenge on Maqsood for killing her husband. Let’s find out a little more about the web series Ek Thi Begum? Also, we will talk about who is Ek Thi Begum’s real-life characters? The story starts with Ashraf and her husband Zaheer living in Mumbai. They love each other very much. Zaheer is also part of a mobster gang. The leader of the gang is Maqsood. Also, Zaheer is a trusted companion of Maqsood. The underworld don runs a drug cartel in India from Dubai.

How does Ashraf’s journey to revenge start? Maqsood and Zaheer are good friends, but due to disagreements, they turn on each other. When they become rivals, Zaheer becomes a threat to Maqsoods business. In an attempt to wipe out his enemy Maqsood takes the help of the Mumbai police. On July 26th, 1986, police arrest Zaheer at the airport. Later they take him to a secluded place. Even though Zaheer tries, he cannot escape and is killed by them. When Ashraf finds out his husband has been murdered by Maqsood, she decides to take her revenge by bringing down everyone responsible.

Sapna in Ek thi begum

Sapna in Ek thi begum

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Who are Ek Thi Begum’s real-life characters?

Ek Thi Begum is an adult series and covers many intimate scenes and abusive language. The actress Anuja Sathe plays the character of Ashraf. She is a famous Indian actress and has worked in many Hindi movies. Her character Ashraf uses seduction, tactics, and beauty to gather all the information she can on her enemies. Moreover, she is ruthless and murders her enemy without any second thought.

The series is based on true events. And we will find out who is Ek Thi Begum’s real-life characters?

Ek Thi Begum Ashraf Bhatkar- Ashraf Khan/ Sapna didi (real-life character)

Ashraf Khan was the real name of the character Ashraf Bhatkar. And Sapna didi was her nickname. Because she decided to take revenge on Daweed Ibrahim, her profession became of a Mafia Queen. We don’t know her date of birth. But her date of death is in February 1990. Sapna didi was born in a poor family and married Mehmood Kalia. She did not have any children. She was unaware that her husband worked under Dawood Ibrahim. After the death of Mehmood, Ashraf wanted revenge. For this, she took the help of Hussain Utara. Hussain helped her learn combat, ride a bike, martial arts, and how to use a gun. To get support in her attempt, she also became a police informer.

sapna didi

Sapna Didi

Ashraf was going to kill Dawood in the Sharjah cricket stadium. The person helping her betrayed her. Lastly, Dawood ordered to kill her. And that was the end of her life.

Zaheer Bhatkar- Mehmood Kalia (real-life character)

Mehmood Kalia is Ek Thi Begum’s real-life character. Zaheer Bhatkar is the name of his character in the web series. There isn’t much information about him. But as shown in the series Ek Thi Begum, Zaheer was killed in an encounter by Mumbai police in 1986.

Zaheer bhatkar

Zaheer Bhatkar

He was loved by his wife Ashraf Khan very much. This leads to Ashraf wanting to avenge her husband’s death.

Maqsood- Dawood Ibrahim (real-life character)

The mobster famous for boom blast in Bombay is one of the Ek Thi Begum real-life characters. He is originally from the slum parts of Mumbai. He started as a small gangster. But as time went by, he became the biggest mafia and drug lord. Ibrahim is the head of the D-company. It is a criminal organization. IF you want to know more, you can watch the story of Dawood Ibrahim and how did he come into power in the movie Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. In the movie, the character of Dawood Ibrahim is played by Imraan Hashmi. Moreover, Dawood became a global terrorist in 2003. Both India and UK wanted him. Also, it is believed that he was the one who planned the bombing of 1993 in Bombay. Dawood was declared one of the 10 most wanted criminals by the UK crime agency FBI.

Maqsood- Dawood Ibrahim

Maqsood- Dawood Ibrahim

Ibrahim has three siblings, Haseena Parker, also famous by the name of Haseena Appa. She used her brother’s name to instigate fear in the people of Mumbai. And finally became a Mafia Queen. His other two brothers are Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar, and Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar. In 2017 and 2020 government auctioned many properties of Dawood. This included the famous Rounaq Afroz Restaurant.

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