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Eighty-Six 86 Episode 22 and 23 Release Date: The Delayed Episodes

Eighty Six Episode 22 and 23 release date
Eighty Six Episode 22 and 23 release date

Eighty-Six 86 anime series has been progressing perfectly and is reaching its end. The series is expected to end by the 23rd of the 24th episode which will drop out really soon. However, the delay that has been declared in the release of episode 22 has led the conclusion of the series to move even further. Lately, in the series, Shina and his group have continued their search of Morpho with Frederica. In order to draw their attention from Shin and let him sneak in, Frederacy and its allies began to do diversionary attacks on the legions. Now, Grethe all recovered and fresh is back on the front line along with the rest of Nordlicht to lend a supporting hand to Shin.

Meanwhile, as the Legion territory, Raiden decided to out with Shin about his recent behaviors in battle. He warned him saying that such kind of dangerous fighting style will put his life in danger. Raiden reminds Shin that we are still and unit and will always stand with him so he doesn’t need to push himself off the limits using such hazardous ways of fighting. The events took their pursuit of Morpho further but they are still continuing with it. The latest episode also showed their pursuit and continuation however, the upcoming episode will decide the turning point of the series.

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Previously on Eighty-Six 86 Episode 21

The series follows a state of war between the two nations named The Republic of San Magnolia and the Empire of Giad. The war has been ongoing for nine years and both nations have suffered quite devastation. San Magnolia was at the highest looses since his human army was defeated by Empieds autonomous mechanized legions. Now in order to come over from this hinder, San Magnolia developed their out autonomous units called Juggernauts. These are huge humanoid suits that are driven by pilots. These pilots belong to the minority section of the San Magnolia population. The whole plot progressed with many events and took us where we are now. Episode 21st of Eighty-Six 86 was released on 26th December 2021. It was titled “All that’s left” and continued with Morpho’s pursuit by Shin and his friends.

As they move into their expedition, they were continuously attacked by Legion reinforcements. This became a great hinder in their way as they are running out of time. So, in order to get some time, Anju, Theoto, and Kurena suggested staying behind and delaying legion forces, and providing long-range support. Raiden is still injured from the previous episode where he was protecting Frederica. Shin observed the miserable state of his team and ordered Frederica to stay back as he decided to confront Kiriya himself. Both Shin and Kiriya came into a face of battle and the rest of the episode occupies it. Due to Frederica’s distraction, Shin got an opening shot at Kiriya at blank range. After this Kiriya’s death was insured and so does happened.

Eighty Six 86 Episode 22 and 23 release date

Eighty-Six Episode 21

Eighty-Six 86 Episode 22 Predictions

The previous episode ended with dying Kiriya entrusting Frederica to Shin. Kiriya died and Frederica had a vision escorting him to the afterlife. Kiriya’s death also triggered the self-destruction of Morpho and its countdown begins. The clock ticks the time but Frederica was totally indulged in mourning Kiriya’s death. As the times goes up, Morpho self-destructed and there was a huge blast that happened while Frederica and Shin were there in the range. The made the fans very anxious as everything stands very unclear and the episode ended without a preview.

Upcoming episode 22 is titled “Shin” and will surely be based upon some flashbacks from the life journey of Shin. If both Frederica and Shin will successfully escape the blast, then the whole event of their struggle will be there. Other than this we can’t predict anything and have our fingers crossed for the new episode.

Eighty Six episode 22 and 23 delayed

Still from Eighty-six episode 21

Eighty-Six 86 Episode 22 and 23 Release Date

The last updated episode of Eighty-Six 86 series ended upon such a cliffhanger that already made the fans anxious. Another news regarding the new releases that come from the house of A-1Pictures will make you even more anxious. The release of episode 22 has been delayed as it didn’t show up within one week of the release of the previous episode.

Now you will be hearing from the series when Eighty-Six 86 Episode 22 will drop out on 12th March 2022. This also delayed the release of further episodes and the supposed end of the series, episode 23 is also running late on the schedule. You can expect Eighty-Six 86 Episode 23 to drop out on 19th March 2022, the creators have sincerely apologized for the delay on the official website but the good thing is that we gave us the exact dates to expect these episodes.

Watch Eighty-Six 86 Episode 22 and 23 Online – Streaming Details

The series is officially licensed to Crunchyroll and Netflix for its international airing. Both the episodes will be available to stream upon airing. Don’t miss the new updates since this is going to be a life and death situation for both Shin and Frederica.

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