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Edward Cullen Facts: Things You Would Know if You Read the Books

Edward Cullen Facts
Edward Cullen

Twilight has been quite a favorite since 2005. The movie has managed to spark a lot of influence among the writers and even filmmakers back in the 2010s. If you are a millennial, you must remember the obsession with vampire characters. The whole goth culture came up with the movie too. Robert Pattinson, who played Edward Cullen in Twilight, got his big break from this movie series. Kristen Stewart is also quite grateful for the role of Bella. The whole franchise still has a good grip over the youngsters, where every teenager has watched all the movies, or at least one movie, once in their lifetime. In this article, we will look into some of the Edward Cullen facts that you might not know about.

There is always a disparity when it comes to movies being adapted from books. The Twilight series is quite huge, and people love to watch the movie for its less straining and time-consuming. However, if you were to sit with the books for once, you would realize how much you had missed out on. On reading the book, you might even look at the characters. Hence, we will look down at some of the points of differences in Cullen’s character.

1. Edward Cullen’s Precognition

One of the most striking features that were not shown in the movies, and has robbed the fans out of the sweet moments, is Edward’s Precognition. What is Precognition? You might think. Well, it is the ability to see into the future. Vampires can do anything! And one of those things is to look into the future. When he first saw Bella through Alice, he saw a lot of future possibilities. He also saw Bella dead in one of them. 

Edward Cullen Facts

Edward and Bella

However, as they both fell deeply in love together, he could only see two possible futures between them. In one of them, he was Bella as a vampire, and in another, he saw both of them together, but Bella kept growing older. This was indeed a bittersweet moment that the movies robbed us of.

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2. Edward Cullen’s Physical Form

Now, if we were to go back in time and start reading about vampires, we could imagine an extremely tall, pale person. However, if you just remember Pattinson or Damon Salvatore, well, you are not thinking right. That is what is shown to us by the media. Vampires were well over 6 feet in height and had an incredible build. They did not look like normal human beings and well stood out in the crowd. Hence, though Pattinson played out the role well, he should have been over 6 feet and also an enormously well-built body. Now, people just follow what these vampire movies have portrayed and follow that template for their heroes.

Edward Cullen Facts

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

Another thing that was not quite clear in the movie was but is a fun fact is that Edward actually didn’t need to breathe at all. Vampires can live for centuries, and they do not function the same way as humans, so technically, Edward did not breathe ever. This was one of the mind-blowing Edward Cullen facts we came across.

3. Edward Cullen’s Inner Struggles

Another thing that you might not know is that Cullen had to face his inner conscious a lot more. In the movie, of course, that was not portrayed quite vividly. In the books, Cullen had maintained his distance from Bella for quite a significant amount of time. He would make sure not to be near her even when they were in the same cars! Of course, that created a bit of a problem, but the tension between them in the books also was off the chart! Hence, if you would like to experience that tension between Edward and Bella, we would recommend you to read the first book once.

Edward Cullen Facts

A Scene from “Twilight”

4. His Relationship with Bella

Though we have no complaint against the way, the relationship between the main characters has been portrayed in the movies. However, if you love good chemistry and strong tension, you will definitely enjoy the book’s version more. The first thing that struck us was the curiosity that Edward had. In the movies, it was kept quite short. In the books, we understood the difference better. Edward could not read Bella’s mind, and that’s what sparked his interest. He used to keep on asking trivial questions to Bella to know her better. This is where we would like the men to take notes.

Edward Cullen Facts

Edward and Bella

Even his behavior was quite different from Bella’s. Edward would usually behave in his grave vampire self with others. However, with Bella, we would see the gentle, fun side of him. He would be extremely playful with her, and there would be various incidents where Bella would be angry at him for his antics. What could be more romantic than your man being playful only to you and serious for the rest of the world?

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However, if you found Edward watching Bella sleep for one night to be creepy, well, you are in for a treat. In the books, it has been mentioned explicitly that Edward would do that for quite some months. That means he used to stalk Bella for quite a significant amount of time before making acquaintances with her. This one Edward Cullen fact did not sit well with us, though.

5. Someone had a crush on Edward Cullen

And no, we are not talking about Bella. There was another character named Tanya Denali, who had a massive crush on Cullen. This was not given much importance by the movie makers, yet in the book, it has quite a good presence. Both their families were quite close to each other, and hence, Tanya had developed a strong infatuation with Edward. However, we could consider it to be lust from Tanya’s side, as she keeps trying to steal Edward from Bella. Even when Edward had run off upon their first interaction, Tanya had slid in to make her interest known to Edward. Well, we cannot blame Tanya for falling so hard for a vampire-like Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen Facts

Tanya Denali on the left

We hope that you enjoyed these facts about Edward Cullen. It is really wondrous how much we miss on a character if we do not read the book which it was inspired from!

You can start binge-watching the Twilight movie series, here. 

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