Eden’s Zero – Hiro Mashima’s New Manga Revealed

Eden's Zero manga

A year after finishing its serialization, Fairy Tail still remains one of the most popular manga right now. Hiro Mashima’s incredible work lasted for a decent amount of time and last year, it came to an end. However, that was not the end of Hiro Mashima’s manga career. He pretty much confirmed as soon as Fairy Tail ended that he was already thinking about a new manga series an that it would begin serialization soon. Earlier this year, we got news that the manga would debut on June 27, which is not too far away now. According to multiple sources, the manga now has a title as well, and it is going to be called ‘Eden’s Zero’. The series is going to have a male protagonist, unlike Lucy in the previous manga.

Eden’s Zero Manga

Eden's Zero

On Kodansha’s latest Weekly Shonen Magazine, we could see Hiro Mashima debuting Eden’s Zero, and on the cover, a brown-haired boy, who appears to be the main character in the series. The character does share some striking similarities to Natsu from Fairy Tail, but he’s a completely different character. Their personalities will be completely different, and that’s it. Hiro Mashima also shared a sketch of one of the female characters from the manga, and it seemed to resemble Lucy quite a bit. However, he has already confirmed that she’s going to be a completely different character as well. That’s not all. According to Hiro Mashima, the Natsu-Lucy dynamic will be completely different from these two.

Eden's Zero manga

The serialization of Hiro Mashima’s new manga, Eden’s Zero, will begin in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine Issue 30, June 27 in Japan. The manga is set to be published in five different languages simultaneously, so you don’t have to wait too long for translations to arrive. Aside from this new manga, Hiro Mashima has also confirmed that he’s been working on 3 projects in total, one of which being Eden’s Zero. If you’re a fan of Mashima and his work, this sure is time to he excited!

Where To Read Eden’s Zero Manga Online?

We will update this part, when we have enough details available, such as where to download Eden’s Zero manga and read it online.


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