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Edens Zero Episode 15: Preview and Recap

Edens Zero

Shiki continues to travel with his crew around the robotic world. The Edens Zero gets controlled by Witch Regret, who reveals the truth about Digitalis. The team has decided to enter Digitalis since Hermit has lost her heart. When they arrived, they met with Dranken Joe, who is killing everyone inside Digitalis. All members of the group got their avatars customized. Druken Joe told Shiki that all the players are the only ones worth hunting. Shiki reminds Draken that he won’t get away with his crimes.

The episode title is ”The Girl on The Hill.” Rebeca and Happy notices that the bodies of the recent player have disappeared after getting erased by Draken. Pino comments that death in this world results in death in the real world. Draken laughed at the people he killed and wanted to see dispair spreading among their faces. Shiki gets angry and activates his Ether Gear. Draken wonders if this kid is thinking of fighting with him. Shiki unleashes Magimech Attack, and Draken changes his sword into a monstrous shark.

The shark ate Shiki’s hair after canceling his attack. Draken comments that his Maria will eat anything and told Maria that it is snack time. Maria screamed, seeing that he has various snacks to choose from; Rebeca, Pino, Happy, and Witch Regret jump before Maria swallows them. The building begins to collapse since Maria is hungry and wants to eat anything near them. Shiki carries a colossal tower that looks like a spear and sends it to Draken to smash him. Draken dug his way out and said he has something to do. Draken said he has a meeting, and they will finish this next time.

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Previously on Edens Zero Episode 14

Draken told Shiki that Maria wants to see all of them screaming and crying faces soon. Draken vanishes, and Rebecca said his plans are in the real world. Pino comments that Draken has logged out. The crew realizes that they have met with a bad guy, but they must continue with their objective of finding Hermit’s core. Rebecca wishes they should find Hermit soon and leave this place before Draken comes back. The citizens arrive, and some come out from hiding.

The team noticed that they were hiding from Draken. The oldies thank Shiki and the group for getting rid of Draken, and they are glad that no one is hurt. Shiki realizes that the citizens are getting wrong ideas since Draken will come back. Shiki told them that Draken vanished on his own. The ladies reply, it doesn’t matter, and they are happy this someone stood up and fave the villain. Weisz told the citizens that they are looking for a girl named Hermit. The lady asks Weisz if he is talking about the girl who is always on a hill.

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

Shinobi Troll

Rebecca realizes that it is Hermit and asks the location of the mountain. The man replies that the hill is at the west of the town. The oldies told the crew to be careful since a cave that lives a Shinobi Troll stole their town’s secret treasure. Rebecca wonders if they are talking about a green guy they met when they arrive in this world. They both set on the journey heading to the hill where they could find Hermit to restore her heart. Later they arrive at the hill, and Shiki saw Hermit and told the others that he could see Hermit.

Weisz said Hermit was sitting her during all the battles. Rebecca reminds others that the villagers said Hermit keeps on staring into space. Hermit looks back and asks who they are. Shiki talked with her and told her that they are taking Edens Zero to see Mother. Pino reminds Shiki that he forgets to introduce them. Hermit tries to recall what Edens Zero is and the new face she is unfamiliar with and wonders. Rebecca told her that they are here to see her, and Hermit begins to remember everything.

Hermit asks them if they have found Witch Regret, and Sister Ivry and Happy said they have also found a guy name Moscoy. Shiki asks Hermit to join them, but she refuses and says she is not going anywhere since she likes it because she wants to be. Rebeca reminds her that it is a virtual world, and Hermit said she is okay. Later, Draken comeback and Shiki gets surprised when Homura shoots him in his arm. Homura said the crew is protecting Data; she is joining Draken.  The real Homura appears and protects Shiki. So when will fans get Edens Zero Episode 15?

Edens Zero Episode 15 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 15 release date is 18 July 2021. You can watch Edens Zero online on Netflix and Hulu.

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