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Edens Zero Episode 11: Preview and Spoilers

Edens Zero

Today we’ll talk about Edens Zero Episode 11. It is the year X492, an era where humans travel through the universe. A young boy Shiki met with Rebecca during his travel and set on a journey together. Rebecca is a famous video-creating B-Cuber and travels through the robotic world of Granbell with Shiki, who possesses special powers. Edens Zero is at halfway to conclude episode finale. Let’s take a look at Shiki’s adventures, who is the grandson of the Demon Lord. Shiki clashed with Jinn, who flee to the Guilst planet: criminals planet.

Pino and Happy told Shiki that weird guys had kidnapped Rebecca. Shiki decided that their next destination is Planet Guilst. Witch Regret controls the Edens Zero and heads to Planet Guilst as instructed by Shiki. The Mercenary Squad Rogue Outgroup has captured all the B-Cuber along with Rebecca. Ganoff and Mosco begin to torture the girls using electrical shocks. Jinn told Ganoff to leave the girls since they are cooperating. Ganoff mocks Jinn that he couldn’t even capture a single girl. Jinn reveals that he had a brawl with a powerful young man who uses Ether Gear.

Rebbecca realizes that Jinn is talking about Shiki since no one can perfect Ether Gear like Shiki. Mosco and Ganoff said all the girls belong to Sister, and the warriors can’t get blamed for getting their job done. Rebecca learns that Siter is one of the Demon King’s Four Shining Stars and wonders what is happening or traped. Rebecca told the girls that they can work together and break free. Later Shiki, Weisz, Homura, Rebecca, Happy, and Pino arrived at Planet Guilst. The crew device on a plan to enter Sister’s base and sends Homura with Professor Weisz.

Previously on Edens Zero Episode 10

A villain giant frog welcomed the girls to the Illega Tower and said he is turning cute girls into his furniture. The villain giant frog got revealed to be Illega, who comments that he wants all B-Cuberfs into an object. Illega clicks his fingers, and the room gets filled with pink foam bubbles. The girls’ clothes got turned as Illega prepare to turn them into his objects. Rebecca comments no matter what, they have to escape naked, but the girls are trying to hide their bodies.

Rebecca realizes that it will be tough for girls since they are shy, naked, and might bump with men. The girls believe that Illega is a pervert, and they have to smash his head. Meanwhile, Shiki, Homura, and Pino entered a room where they heard a voice asking them about their business. Suddenly a mysterious door opens, and a lady appears and said she is Sister: the Rouge Out leader. The episode title is ”The Great Naked Escape.” Shiki asks Sister if she is Witch Regret’s friend.

Pino sends the picture of Sister to Witch Regret, who is inside the Edens Zero. Witch Regret can’t believe that she is seeing Sister after so many years. She notices that Sister’s appearance is different from the Sister she knows, but her identification code is still the same. Witch Regret told Pino to stay alert since Sister might hurt them. Shiki comments that he has been looking for Sister, and it is an excellent opportunity for him. Shiki told Sister to stop doing evil stuff. Sister replies that there is no right or wrong in a Mercenary’s work.

Ether Sword

But there is only a contract that binds them to do their job. Shiki shouts at Sister, telling her to hand over his friend Rebecca. Sister thought that Shiki is her for a job request, but he is asking for something impossible. Sister told Shiki that she would be happy if Shiki pays double the price and get Rebecca back. Shiki can’t believe that he has to pay to get his friend back. Sister comments that it is essential in this line of work to be trusted by clients. Shiki replies that he is not falling for that, and he wants Rebecca back.

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

Sister replies that she thought they had eliminated anyone who goes against her. Sister snaps her fingers, and an army of warriors cirls Shiki and Homura. Shiki attacks the soldiers, but they shower him with bullets. Homura witness Shiki using Ether Gear to punish their enemies. Sister left the building and said she would turn all the B-Cubers into her soldiers. Shiki continues to smash the soldiers and take them down one by one. Shiki got chased by a Homing Missile that Homura uses her blade cut Homing Missile.

Pino got impressed that Homura possesses tremendous powers. The sword slashes almost take out the whole army. Pino realizes that Homura uses an Ether Sword. The villains can’t believe that a girl has cut Homing Missile. Homura reveals that her Ether Gear is the Soul Blade. Shiki comments that Samurais are amazing. Later the naked girls manage to create clothes using cloth. Homura told Shiki to go after Sister. Witch Regret discovers the shocking news and finds that all the planets are dying one by one.

Edens Zero Episode 11 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 11 release date is set for 20 June, at 12:55 AM JST. You can watch Edens Zero online on Netflix.

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