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Preview and Recap: Edens Zero Episode 1

Edens Zero
Edens Zero

Edens Zero takes place in a universe where humans, aliens, and sentient robots coexist. The world is divided into cosmoses with the Sakura Cosmos. A long time ago, Shiki met with his adoptive grandfather, the Demon King Ziggy. The Demon King Ziggy is the one who brought him to this world called Granbell to raise him. Shiki’s grandfather told Shiki to find friends and travel through the universe. Later Shiki arrived in the Granbell Kingdom and met with Happy.

They both encounter a giant robotic cat monster. Shiki realizes that Rebecca is another human, and they both become friends. Shiki is set on a journey with Rebecca and Happy. One day, Shiki wakes up and finds that his hair had been cut and realizes that robots have taken Rebbecca and Happy. The robots tried to kill Happy and Rebecca to get revenge on humanity for abandoning them. Shiki heads out and saves Rebecca and happy from the robots. Shiki began his adventure into the Sakura Cosmos.

Edens Zero Summary

During his travel, Shiki discovered about B-Cube and even learning about Rebecca’s B-Cube channel. Rebecca attempts to registering Shiki into her Guild as an Adventurer. Shiki joins the Guild as an adventurer, and he met with a giant hologram of Mother. Later Shiki told everyone that he had met Mother in the past. Other Guild members laugh at Shiki, and Rebbeca was embarrassed.

Ether Gear

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

Labilia Christy teases Rebecca, and she cried, but Shiki uses Ether Gear and tells her to stop making fun of his friends. Rebecca decided to leave with Shiki, and he gets the Adventurer Card. Shiki realizes that he has to prove that he has met with Mother before. He told Rebecca that they should set on a journey to find Mother. After finding Mother, they will make a video record and show it to everyone. Rebecca got excited and told Shiki that they need a ship to get out of Sakura Cosmos.

Later Shiki and Rebecca are seen flying the Aqua Wing towards Planet Norma. On their way to Norma, Rebecca told Shiki to stay in another room. Shiki questions why he cannot stay in the same room with her since the ship can fly automatically. Shiki decided to pilot the ship. They both talk about Rebbeca improving as B-Cuber. Shiki couldn’t control the Aqua Wing on Norma’s surface. Rebbeca gets angry about it. Shiki decided to use his Ether Gear to make the Aqua Wing lighter.

Later a rock Ether Pillar emerges next to them, and Rebecca reveals that Norma has that kind of climate, which destroys and creates rock formations. Shiki asks what Ether is, and Rebbeca explains how Shiki can use Ether Gear. Rebbeca reveals that Ether is the power in energy particles and all matters. Rebecca also told Shiki how people live in Norma and how they avoid the impacts of Earth Ether.

Demon King Ziggy

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

Meanwhile, in the city, a crew visited the house of Professor Steiner, but they couldn’t find him. Shiki also arrives and finds a pair of strange goggles, and he died to use them. Rebbeca warns Shiki about touching Professor’s things. A blond man appears and points them with a gun. He asks the two what they want here, and Rebecca reveals that they are here to meet with Professor Weisz Steiner.

The blond man reveals that Weisz Steiner and Rebecca, and Happy are glad to find him. They both decided to escape planet Norma, but they met Elsie Crimson. Shiki battles with Elsie Crimson for who will take their ship. But he finds that Elsie crimson an android. During the battle, Shiki masters the Gravity Comet while thinking about his grandfather Demon King Ziggy.

The Creed of the Interstellar Union Army identifies Shiki as the Demon King. Shiki manages to defeat the fake android Elsie Crimson who gives him the ship. The Armored Space Pirate reveals that the ship belongs to Demon King Ziggy, and that’s she gives it to Shiki. Elsie wanted to see if Shiki is worthy of being called the grandson of Demon King Ziggy. Shiki proved it by defeating her, and he got the ship as a reward. Later they both arrive¬†at the Fire Planet Red Cave.

Edens Zero Episode 1 Release Date and Official Trailer

Edens Zero Episode 1 will air on Sunday, 11 April 2021, at 12:55 AM JST. You can watch Edens Zero online on Netflix.

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