Eden’s Zero Chapter 18 Release Date And Spoilers

The previous chapter is out, and it succeeded in quenching our thirst. We got to see almost all that we had speculated. Lavillia had a man chasing her, and it turns out he is a whole cyborg mission to take command from Master Iliga.

In this chapter, we also learned about the intentions of Master Iliga. He intends to capture B Cuber girls, turn them into stone and keep them in his collection. Horrifying isn’t it. But now it seems that Rebecca is going to be his next target. Meanwhile, we saw Shiki fighting the Cyborg. So, let us discuss the events of the next chapter. But before that, there is a warning for you. The post ahead contains spoilers so read further at your own will. Enjoy!

Eden’s Zero Chapter 18 Spoiler

Eden’s Zero Chapter 18

We know that Shiki is going to be busy fighting the cyborg for a while. Do it becomes obvious that Rebecca will have to face Master Ilgis all on her own. What we really are excited about is to finally witness Rebecca’s Ether Gear power. This will the first time the readers witness it and it might also be the reason why Master Guild was calling her to meet.

Shiki might be going through a rough time himself. Fighting the cyborg might not prove to be easy. EM Pino is with him as well, and we might see her helping him. The fight sequence is going to be just amazing. Their powers will almost match, and they will fight head-on on equal footing. They will forget the world around them. There is a scene where Shiki and the Cyborg land in mid-traffic in between the fight. A high speeding truck comes in the way, but it is wonderful to see how those two continue the fight amidst all this commotion. We might also see the appearance of E4 to help protect Shiki.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 18 Release Date

Talking about Eden’s Zero Chapter 18 release date, it is expected to release on 30th October on their official timing.

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