Eden’s Zero Chapter 16 Spoilers, Release Date

Hello, everyone! In this article, We’ll be discussing Eden’s Zero Chapter 16 spoilers, Leaks and release date. This Manga just keeps getting better and better! I was querying when Eden’s Zero would come into this story, having it be the title of Shiki’s ship is a great touch.

I’m looking forward to understanding what else this ship can do. This post contains spoilers for the forthcoming chapter, therefore I advise you should quit prior to you getting spoiled.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 16 Spoilers

Eden's Zero Chapter 16

Including this chapter and the addition of Eden’s Zero, this series can go completely anywhere and that has me fired. Honestly, this manga series might simply end up being my favorite one if it stays up like this. The last page was somewhat quite exciting as it appears that Shiki has received the title of “Demon King” from his father.

This chapter says that Eden’s Zero is the title of Ziggy’s ship, but I also think that Edens Zero might be a title earlier being held by Ziggy.

It appears that Rebecca has the potential to learn the use of ether gear. Which is excellent because she’ll require to master it to be as powerful as Weisz and Shiki. It’ll be exciting to see what practice she’ll experience to get this new ability. It also looks like that the android aboard the ship is one of the 4 daughters the Demon King designed hence the name “E4” on the container she was held in. I’m curious to see what the other daughters are going to resemble like. Which may occur since the next chapter is called “Sisters” as they are primarily Shiki’s siblings.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 16 Release Date

This chapter is supposed to release on 18 October. If there is any shift in the schedule, we will refresh you here.

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