Dynasty Season 2: Renewal After Bad Ratings, Release Date, Spoilers

CW’s reboot of dynasty didn’t exactly go well with the audiences of the United States. With shows that are remakes and reboots, the task is daunting. It’s getting difficult to live up to the potential of the original show. Anywho, luckily, despite Dynasty scoring bad ratings, it still was renewed this April. How do you ask?

Thanks to Netflix. It was a part of the mass renewal for the digital streaming service deal that Dynasty made it to the second Season. Mark Pedowitz, CW president gave a statement saying CW is going to expand to a six-night, Sunday-through-Friday schedule next Season. CW has taken a bold decision with the renewal of 10 different programmes (one out of which is Dynasty) who they think will perform very well. Which means? Yay for Dynasty fans!

Dynasty Season 2: Release Date

CW besides making the above-mentioned statement wasted no time in giving Dynasty the hype that it demands. Season 2 according to the Network would make it our screens on October 12 in the United States. And for fans of Dynasty in the United Kingdom, Netflix shoulders the airing responsibility. Needless to mention, Netflix release of Dynasty comes after CW release in The United States. Fans in the United States, save the date- 13 October 2018. And for those of you who need a recap or are wanting to watch it for the first time, Dynasty is available on Netflix, Season 1.

Dynasty Season 2

Dynasty Season 2: Sammy Jo And Kirby In Changed Roles

Watch out for Kirby, you guys. Australian actress Madison Brown has been roped in to play Kirby. Brown has been cast as a regular for Dynasty Season 2. In the show, Kirby Anders is known to the Carrington family and is looking to wreck havoc for them. Kirby Anders has a relationship with Fallon in the past. She’s back, and she won’t be quiet. She has a trick or two up her sleeves this time. I should warn those of you who haven’t watched Season 1, this post contains spoilers.

Now, it was only Sammy Jo who informed the Carringtons that he invited Kirby to his wedding to Steven, at the end of Season 1. Steven and Kirby are really close. If you think about it, Kirby owed Steven that much for helping her out in the past. Not that Sammy Jo bears any ill will to Carrington. But boy, are they headed to trouble. Sammy Jo’s decision to bring Kirby back is dangerous in the face of the fact that Kirby caused harm to Fallon before she went sent to Down Under. Sammy Jo is played by Rafael De La Fuente; previously he was played by Heather Lockers (original Dynasty).

Dynasty Season 2: Spoilers

In Dynasty Season 2, makers announced earlier this month that Ana Brenda Contreras is cast as ‘The Real Cristal Flores.’ Um, who was Nathalie Kelley playing then? Was a phony that we saw? More over, what could this really mean for Sammy Jo? What could it mean for Anders, and fake Cristal’s nephew? Maybe Sammy Jo is the real Cristal’s nephew, maybe not. Things might be different too. He could be on the fake side of things. *Major Telenovela Vibe* Kirby is going to bring a storm with her. Watch out!

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