Week 7 – Dusty Depot Treasure Map: ‘Fortnite’ Where To Find It

Dusty Divot Fortnite Week 7

Fortnite week seven challenges are out, and the most hyped challenge for players maxing out their Battle Pass is finding a treasure map and achieving the rewards. Dusty Divot would be the starting point of this treasure hunt with players carrying a treasure map, pursuing further and going directly to the Battle Star.

Week 7: Dusty Depot Treasure Map

Fortnite players can determine if they desire to progress to Dusty Divot and solicit the treasure map or easily continue digging places where they’ll find nothing. If you are one of the players who need the treasure hunting map, you must head over to Dusty Divot.

After proclaiming the treasure map players won’t need to venture into the remote places. The treasure map directs to the north-west of Dusty Divot at F4. Players must progress to a location where they would find a set of three trees. The exploration spot would be in the midst of the trees.


Once you have this treasure, you are one step closer to maxing out your Battle Pass. Players stuck in earlier challenges should consider looking at Fortnite collectible and guide hub on YouTube. Also if you are interested in having a Boogie Down emote all you have to do is activate two-factor authentication on Fortnite so you can get it for free!

Fortnite Week 7 Challenges

Fortnite week seven challenges include few hard tasks such as finding Dusty Divot treasure man and eliminating three opponents in lazy links. Below is the list of Fortnite Week 7 Challenges.

  1. Getting three eliminations with an SMG will reward players with – 10 Battle Stars
  2. Eliminating three opponents in Lazy Links results in rewarding – 10 Battle Stars
  3. Follow the treasure map found in Dusty Divot will give a player – 10 Battle Stars
  4. Dealing damage to opponents’ structures with Remote Explosives will reward in – 5 Battle Stars
  5. Visiting the center of four named locations will give – 5 Battle Stars
  6. Searching three Supply Drops will grant player – 5 Battle Stars


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