So you might remember that before the Tournament of Power began. Whis mentioned that there was a mortal fighter who was stronger than a God of Destruction. After the battle royal began, we soon discovered that the mortal was that, Whis was talking about Jiren from universe eleven.

However, now that we are at the end of the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. It looks like another incredible fighter has emerged and has become so powerful that, he’s actually surpassed as a God of Destruction.

In episode 126 of Dragon Ball Super, we discover that this fighter was the prince of all Saiyan’s in Vegeta from Universe seven.


That’s right, Universe eleven’s Vegeta has surpassed the level of a God of Destruction, when he defeated Toppo. The Universe eleven Pride Trooper, who’s a trainee of God of Destruction.

Toppo had mastered the powers of a God of Destruction, and yet Vegeta was still able to defeat him with his incredible power.

As a result, Vegeta surpassed Toppo, which means that he’s stronger than a God of Destruction. Do you honestly think that Whis didn’t know of this hidden power lost deep within Vegeta? Plus Goku is said to be stronger.


Surely, Whis knew about the Saiyan’s hidden powers and potential. Now that Vegeta has surpassed most of the fighters, he’s now one of the most dangerous fighters in the Tournament of Power.

In addition, his newly mastered ultimate technique, which he used to beat Toppo could possibly be strong enough to injure and weaken Jiren in the dying moments of the Tournament of power. We still don’t know though, however, we do know that Vegeta will continue to be a tough opponent for Jiren. Especially, if Jiren is wounded from the attack just the same as Toppo.


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