Hey guys! In this post, I want to talk about the Tournament of Power, and how I think we’ll progress in the upcoming episodes. Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 gave us a glimpse of Jiren’s full power. He was monstrous before, and now he just got even stronger! This guy is unmatched, and I’m honestly in awe of how strong he really is.

I’m starting to believe that he might actually be stronger than all the Gods of Destruction, maybe even Beerus. As everyone suspected, and Vegeta confirmed, Jiren was indeed holding back his power in the Tournament of Power all this while. He was holding back when he fought Vegeta in the last episode, and before that when he fought Goku as well. After being outsmarted by Goku, he finally unleashed his true power, and everyone including Beerus was surprised to see what a monster he is.

This resulted in Goku tapping into every ounce of power that he held within his body. Vegeta also managed to do the same, and he ended up breaking his shell just like Goku did with Ultra Instinct. At this point, it isn’t clear what Vegeta’s new form actually is. The Daishinkan described it in a similar manner to the way Goku achieved Ultra Instinct. Maybe there is some connection there, I’m not sure.

To match up, Goku went to his absolute peak, and he put Kaio-ken x20 on top of his regular Super Saiyan Blue. Only then we’re the two able to push Jiren back. Again, Jiren isn’t going all out yet. According to the spoilers, he will keep on powering up in the next episode. If that happens, I don’t know for how long Goku will last.

Kaio-ken is a technique that doesn’t last long. It gives an instant boost to the person, but it wears out quickly. We’ve already seen that happen twice in the Tournament of Power. The interesting part is, whenever Goku exhausted his Kaio-ken, he was able to tap into the power of Ultra Instinct. He did it once against Jiren. The other time, he did the same thing against Kefla.

I think it is definitely going to happen again. Everyone expects Goku to go Ultra Instinct at some point in the next couple of episodes. I think he’ll do it in Episode 127, or maybe 128. We have Toppo, and Dyspo left to deal with as well. In any case, I think awakening of the Ultra Instinct is just around the corner. This time, it’ll be stronger than before, and hopefully, Goku will master it completely too.


Dragon Ball Super Just Copied One Punch Man

Hey guys! I’m sure nearly everyone watched Dragon Ball Super Episode 123, and it was an enjoyable episode. I liked it a lot, and to me it seemed like we made good progress in today’s episode. We saw Gohan was fighting against Toppo, and he was helped by 17 as well. They nearly knocked out Toppo, but Gohan hesitated. Freeza seemed unaffected by Dyspo’s weak attacks, and that was to be expected really.

Freeza isn’t even using a fraction of his real strength. In the next episode, I believe he’ll be going Golden. That aside, the most interesting part of today’s episode was Goku’s fight against Jiren. They’ve already fought before, so everyone knew what to expect from them today. As expected, Goku didn’t try to overpower Jiren like last time, because he knew that it would be pointless.

Instead, he went for a strategic elimination. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Vegeta powered up to the absolute pinnacle of his abilities as well. As stated by the Daishinkan, he had broken his shell and managed to gain a power beyond that of Super Saiyan Blue. An interesting thing that happened in today’s episode was during Goku’s fight against Jiren.

Jiren’s astonishing punching power was revealed in this episode, and to me it seems like they took inspiration from One Punch Man here. We all know how powerful Saitama’s punches are. When Jiren launched a single punch, it was able to strike fear in Goku, and he even powered down to his base form. Everyone thought that it was some kind of attack, but it wasn’t.

Turns out, this was just a normal punch of Jiren. It didn’t damage in a similar way to Saitama’s punches. I think that was a good reference, and certainly not something to be mad about.

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