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Is Ultra Instinct Goku Stronger Than Vegito Blue? – Explained

Power-scaling is one of the most wonderful and most annoying features of the Dragon Ball Series, In all honesty, you can’t really ignore the difference between Vegeta and Cui’s fight back in the day because of a little power gap between the two. But when it comes to Jiren, what the heck are power levels? Either way, the absence and the presence of power scaling will still annoy you because it makes comparing characters harder because of uncertainty.

And when it comes to uncertainty, the character which poses the most uncertainty (aside from the Grand Priest, Zeno, and the Angels) is Vegito. His battles were all badass, but all lasted only for a little amount of time. And most of the time, he was making fun of his enemies. In addition, Vegito Blue is said to already surpassed Beerus.

Jiren is also a special case, having surpassed the Gods of Destruction with his colossal ki. But what’s really interesting is Goku’s Ultra Instinct state ( I still like to call it his Limit Breaker form). Not only is it a badass looking form, but it is also powerful. Jiren, who surpassed the God of Destruction Belmod (and probably other Gods of Destruction from other universes) needed to get serious to fight Goku in Ultra Instinct head to head.

If Vegito surpassed Beerus, who was surpassed by Jiren, who danced against Ultra Instinct Goku, it is safe to say that Ultra Instinct Goku is way stronger than Vegito Blue. I don’t intend to make Vegeta fans angry, but this makes Vegeta’s role uncertain in the Tournament of Power. Why would you turn into Vegito if you can be a lot stronger than him?

It would be another story if, after the activation of Ultra Instinct form, Vegito would have the access to use this mode too. This would be a lot more intense than Goku alone being in the Ultra Instinct mode. Vegito Blue in Ultra Instinct mode with Kaioken x 20 will bitch slap Jiren out of the Tournament of Power stage.

As usual, the power of this form might only limit the fusion into five minutes or less. When desperation hits everyone, this might be the last resort. Of course, this is just a wishful thinking, but I would get a day off from my job to watch the episode if this happens.


Deleted Scene From Last DBS Episode 110

As if Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 wasn’t amazing enough, it seems there were some deleted scenes! Could these be clues hinting a little too much as to what’s going to happen in the Tournament of Power that the writers didn’t want us to see?

It seems that two characters were paying a little more attention to the battle between Goku and Jiren then we thought.. As tough as Vegeta like to be, he can’t help but be interested in what happens to Goku! We have even seen Vegeta come to Goku’s aid in the Tournament of Power already..

It seems Vegeta was paying very close attention to the fight between Goku and Jiren, and why would that be? Maybe, Vegeta felt Goku should have been able to win, or was Vegeta hoping that Goku would lose? It seems as if Vegeta was actually cheering Goku on, and wondering why it was taking so long to finish off Jiren.. As Goku is in the middle of his Spirit Bomb battle with Jiren, Vegeta is shown to feel a little nervous and say “What are you doing Kakarot? Push it back already!!”. To me, that shows confidence in Goku from Vegeta! It seems as if this “tough guy” act around Goku is all for show…

Another character who was surprisingly interested in the battle between Goku and Jiren was none other then the Great Priest! Yes, one of the top 5 fighters in all of the Multi-Verse! Why would the Great Priest have an interest in the Goku vs Jiren battle! As Goku is struggling to push back the Spirit Bomb, the Great Priest is shown concerned and says “This is not good”.. This is what gets me! Why would someone so powerful and in such high rankings among God’s be concerned about a lower Mortal like Goku?

Could the Great Priest secretly know what Goku is capable of? Or could the Great Priest just want to see Goku improve and see what Goku can do? It seems that the interest in Goku

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  1. Here’s where you missed. Vegeta is also trying to attain ultra instinct and if he does, even momentarily, then it puts Vegito back on the table. Jiren and the rabbit pride trooper may resort to potara to match the ultra instinct speed but it’s still on the table. If they had fused from the beginning, they would have beaten everyone in seconds but that wouldn’t make for a good t.v. show. So no Goku ultra instinct isn’t stronger (power-wise) than Vegito Blue, he can just dodge anything and everything.

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