The Tournament of Power is getting better, and better with each passing episode. Today, we had an amazing episode at our hands. I have nothing but praise for Dragon Ball Super Episode 123, and I think it was one of the best episodes in the Tournament of Power that we’ve had up until now.

With just 7 minutes remaining, we don’t have long to go before we find out who the winner is. Universe 7, and Universe 11 are the final two Universes in the Tournament of Power. However, Universe 11 are the clear favorites right now. Universe 7 on the other hand, are easily the underdogs. Dyspo, and Toppo alone are very troublesome to deal with. But, when you add Jiren on top of them, they become impossible to take down.

Jiren is someone who has surpassed the level of a God of Destruction. He isn’t just any mortal. It is very difficult to beat someone like him. We’ve seen Goku go at him with Kaio-ken x20 on top of Super Saiyan Blue so many times now, but he still isn’t able to give Jiren any trouble. But, Episode 123 certainly did give Universe 7 a glimmer of hope.

When Vegeta awakened his new form, and Goku powered up the Blue by Kaio-ken, it seemed like Jiren was actually having trouble. Despite Goku, and Vegeta’s attacks being uncoordinated, Jiren wasn’t able to deal with them efficiently. Even Whis said the same thing, and Belmod looks equally worried. It seems like Jiren is defeatable after all.

If Goku, and Vegeta power up a little more, they might actually get the job done. They have just 7 minutes to do something, and somehow defeat Jiren. Otherwise, Universe 7 is done for. Gohan, Freeza, and 17 are already in a lot of trouble. They cannot hold out against Toppo, and Dyspo for long. Maybe Dyspo can be beaten. But, Toppo is a monster.

Episode 125 of Dragon Ball Super will be focused on his God of Destruction level powers, and I don’t think there’s any way Gohan can beat him. But we’ll see. Vegeta, and Goku are the only hope of Universe 7. Everyone’s hopes are pinned on them. It seems like they might actually be able to defeat Jiren after all. We’ll only find out as the Tournament of Power progresses.


Another God Level Character Was Just Revealed in Latest DBS Episode

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 aired today, and there was a lot of stuff revealed to us. The fight between Universe 7, and Universe 11 intensified today, with Goku and Jiren being at the center of it all. As expected, Jiren was giving Goku a very hard time, and despite everything that Goku tried, the conclusion that he arrived to, was that Jiren cannot be beaten easily.

The fact that Jiren isn’t even using his full power speaks volumes about him. Jiren is easily someone who is either as strong as Beerus, or is maybe even stronger than him. We also got a glimpse at Vegeta’s new form today. He was able to trigger his new form because of Cabba, and the drive to bring back Universe 6 using the Super Dragon Balls.

However, we don’t see a lot of Vegeta. It is still unclear how strong Vegeta is. We don’t know what his power level is, and it is very hard to scale it right now. Other than that, we also got a look at Toppo, who despite being at a numerical disadvantage, was bossing the fight against 17 and Gohan. Even he isn’t going all out right now, and yet he looks to be in the driving seat.

If you’ve read the spoilers for the upcoming episode, you probably know that Episode 125 will be focused on Toppo. He will rise to the level of a God of Destruction, and it will be even harder to take him down at that point. I honestly feel like it is hard for Gohan to do anything against him. Jiren, and Toppo aren’t the only ones who are powering up.

It looks like Dyspo will be the focus of Dragon Ball Super Episode 124. In the preview, we can clearly see him powering up. He is taking on both Gohan, and Golden Freeza on at once!

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