The Ultimate Betrayal In Dragon Ball Super

Once everyone gathered and got ready for the Tournament of Power there was a very interesting moment that has yet to have any development on, till now!

As the Universe’s gathered Frieza from our Universe came across Frost from Universe 6, and at first glance seemed like they were making a pact to create a plan together, or that’s what we were led to believe..

It seems that Frost from Universe 6 has something hidden up his sleeve (and no I’m not talking about his poison dart). It seems up until now, that incident with Krillin and Frost was not by accident, but that was ALL planned and has been happening all along. It seems that Frost has been ordered to canvass the edge of the Tournament stage to pick off participants unlucky enough to go close enough for Frost to get a quick shot off.

So will Frost end up turning his back on Frieza? It seems like everything is pointing to yes. It appears Frost believes he has the upper hand with this plan (until Frost feels the power of Golden Frieza). Could this potentially lead to Frost’s elimination? I don’t think so. With Hit watching out for his fellow participants from Universe 6 using his Time Skip to keep his teammates from being eliminated. Unless someone can hold up Hit and keep him from using his Time Skip to save Frost it will be really difficult to eliminate Frost, or anyone from Universe 6 that is relevant (Dr. Rota doesn’t count)

With that said, how will Frost be eliminated? I believe it will come from a very unlikely team up of, wait for it… Frieza and Vegeta. This sets Vegeta and Hit to have their long awaited rematch that has already been leaked. With Vegeta holding up Hit, Frieza will be free to easily handle Frost and eliminate him without much trouble.

So what are your thoughts? Who do you think will betray who first? Will Vegeta take the opportunity to have his rematch with Hit if Hit comes to Frosts aid? Leave us your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments down below! As always thanks for reading!


Why Everyone Is Doubting The Prince of All Saiyans?

Ever since the intro and Outro to the Tournament of Power was updated and Krillin, then Tien were eliminated everyone jumped on the “Vegeta is being eliminated next” bandwagon.

In this Article, I’m going to outline some reasons why everyone is doubting Vegeta’s role in the Tournament of Power, and why he won’t be eliminated next, and why you should never doubt the Prince of All Saiyans!

The theory of Vegeta being eliminated next comes from the end of the Outro when our participants are being shown in sequence, and in the Outro it goes Krillin, Tien, and Vegeta for the first 3. I don’t think we can just go off of the Outro for the process of elimination. If we look at the Intro, the 1 Star Dragon Ball, and the 2 Star Dragon Ball and held by Krillin and Tien who were the first 2 eliminated in that order. So could we take the Outro as being the true order? No, its simple as that, Also we can’t take the Intro as the true order either.


Given this is about Vegeta, it’s hard to say someone that strong who is at this moment the 3rd strongest of our participants behind Goku and Frieza will be eliminated next.

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Why Everyone Is Doubting The Prince of All Saiyans?