Hey guys! We are coming near to the finale of one of the most amazing anime to air on television. Lately we have shown Goku and Vegeta fighting Jiren, but neither of them have Ultra Instinct right now. It’s obvious that Jiren has no problem fighting both of them, as compared to how he did when he was fighting Ultra Instinct Goku.

We need ultra instinct to come back and I think it’s time that we get it back. I think Vegeta will also realize this after seeing how powerful Toppo has become, and how they aren’t able to scratch Jiren.

Episode 126 spoiler states the following.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 – Transcending God! Vegeta’s Self-Risky Blow!!  

“Vegeta Fights God of Destruction Toppo! As Cornered, Toppo demonstrate his true ability of the God of Destruction Candidate! With the help of Jiren he attacks Vegeta..but Vegeta goes full power and confronts Jiren with Continuous breathless attacks! Who will become the Victor!?” 

The whole episode is focused on Vegeta, but there’s nothing on Goku? Vegeta is fighting both God of Destruction, Toppo, and Jiren alone. So why is this? We know Frieza is knocked out on the ground and Android seventeen will be defeated in the next episode. They both can’t fight anymore, and that’s final. They won’t be able to help Goku and Vegeta. I think during this episode, Vegeta will realize that they can’t do this anymore. Until Goku activates his Ultra Instinct again, and then fight Jiren.

So to buy time for Goku, Vegeta will try to take both of them down together, and try to use all of his power, so Goku can end this Tournament of Power. People would be thinking that this is crazy and Vegeta won’t do it, but let me remind you. Vegeta did the same in the end of Buu saga, let Goku regain his strength and prepare his Spirit Bomb. He fought Kid Buu all alone to buy the three or five minutes.

He did that even though he was weaker than Goku and knew that he can’t beat Kid Buu, and he was ready to die. When the time came, Vegeta swallowed his pride and will do anything to save his loved ones. I think he’s gonna do the same here. Dragon Ball Super keeps on bringing nostalgic moments just like they did in the Frieza, Goku, and Namek scene with Frieza and Toppo. 

The episode 127 title leak states the following.

The title of the episode is “The Final Barrier of Hope”. We got the information thanks to @KenXyro on Twitter.
Provisional title for DBS episode 127 “The Final Barrier of Hope” — @KenXyro 

Android seventeen is down. Frieza is down. There’s like ninety percent chance that after episode 126, Vegeta is also down and fight anymore. He has pushed his body to much. Who is left? Goku who gets fired up, when his friends are down, and will do anything.

This will be the moment when Goku will be pushed to his limits and achieve Ultra Instinct. This will also be the starting point of the final fight of the Tournament of Power. Goku verses Toppo, and Jiren, or just Jiren alone.  I think there’s no chance that they will bring Ultra Instinct as it’s the only way to defeat Jiren. Well, this was my analysis, what do you guys think?

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