If there’s something that Frieza is known for except that he is the worst scum ever, it would be his hate and fear on the Saiyan race. He is not fond of the Saiyan race from the start. He made sure that the Saiyans will not be a powerful race by enslaving them. When he was defeated by Goku on Planet Namek, his hate for the Saiyans escalated to newer levels.

But he was still recruited by Goku to join the Tournament of Power. Goku trusted Frieza, which is not a good thing to do. And it seems like he will realize this soon when Frieza’s plans started to hatch. The thing is, Frieza doesn’t care about the whole damn Universe 7. He will ditch it just to take revenge against the Z Warriors. And he will do so in episode 108.

According to Todd Blakenship, there are alternative translations for the spoilers from the V-jump magazine. On episode 107, Master Roshi will use Mafuba on Magetta, but he will be tricked by Frost. Just like Fused Zamasu did when Goku was using a Hakkai on him. He used Mai as a human shield. So instead of Magetta being sucked in the Mafuba container, Frost will manipulate Vegeta to jump right at the wave. Vegeta’s instinct is sharp, as seen in his battle against Ribrianne.

Episode 108 will feature Gohan’s fight against Jimeze. Jimeze is the from Universe 2. It will be a tough fight, as the Yardrat will surely use Instant Transmission against Gohan. But Gohan will somehow manage to get the upper hand and just when he is going to eliminate Jimeze, Frieza will declare himself a traitor and will take Gohan in a tight spot. Frieza will also declare that he is working with Frost to get their revenge against the Saiyans.

It is still not revealed if Gohan will fall because of Frieza’s doing. But I’m sure as heck Goku will not let this slide. This could be a ground for Goku to not revive him once the tournament is over. If the Universe 6 would be declared as victors, there’s a chance that Champa will reward Frieza for his contributions and make him a part of Universe 6.

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