Hey guys. Zen-Oh is hailed as the strongest ever being in the entire multiverse. We have already seen him destroying entire universes just because he was in a slightly odd mood. You won’t dare to mess with Zen-Oh just because of his frightening reputation. However, is it really true that Zen-Oh is the strongest being in the multiverse? A new theory states otherwise.

For this, we have to go back to the time when Freeza said that he reach the level above Zen-Oh. Normally, you’d dismiss it as Nonsense but there’s actually some legit proof for this. Zen-Oh has been protected by two lines of defense. First of all, we have the Grand Priest himself, who is considered to be one of the five strongest beings in the multiverse. Then, we have the Bodyguards who are always close to Zen-Oh and then you have Zen-Oh themselves! All of this makes you wonder why does a being, that is supposedly the strongest in all of existence need two bodyguards?

If he is really strong then he shouldn’t need the protection. Zen-Oh isn’t strong. He isn’t strong at all. There’s no doubt that he is powerful, but he’s not strong. Allow me to explain in a better way. If you watched any fantasy anime or played a fantasy game, a powerful mage can still be physically weak, easily taken down by a well-placed arrow. Just think of Saruman in the movies or the books, while he’s able to destroy a village with the flick of his wrist. The same holds true for Zen-Oh. Zen-Oh’s ability to exterminate entire universes isn’t Ki-based.

Zen-Oh’s ability is magic based. This is why Zeno needs the guards and the Grand Priest. They are there to hold off attackers long enough for Zen-Oh to erase them. Every Kai and God of Destruction fears Zen-Oh, not because of his Ki Strength, but of the Magic he can wield.

I must say that it is an interesting theory and it is much better than any other theories that I have come across. This really makes it all the more interesting, because it would easy to kill Zeno-Oh if this is true.
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A New Theory Has Surfaced On The Grand Priest and All Universes And It’s Totally Possible

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super is heading towards its conclusion. We have a few more weeks to go before the series finally ends. The Tournament of Power is almost over and we have few minutes remaining. So, all the fans have been talking about the conclusion of the Tournament of Power. It has been the rage ever since it was announced that Dragon Ball Super will be ending in March.

A lot of theories have popped up and many of these theories have got the credentials. Today I came across a theory regarding the Tournament of Power. It was about the Grand Priest and all the Universes that were competing in the Tournament. So, I would like to share the theory with you. Before we go ahead, let me warn you that this post has spoilers so please read ahead at your own risk. Now let us begin. The Grand Priest is one of the five strongest beings in the multiverse.

In the manga, Whis openly admits inferiority to the Grand Priest. He says that his power is nothing compared to the Grand Priest’s. Whis also says that the Grand Priest is the strongest of the five beings that have unimaginable powers. It gives you an idea that there is a vast difference between Whis, who is the strongest fighter of Universe 7 and the Grand Priest. Now, the difference in their power means that there is a huge difference between their abilities.

We know that the Angels are capable of using time rewind. Whis was the first person who demonstrated that he could back 2-3 minutes back in time and rewind the time. Now as I said, that there is a big difference between the strength of Whis and the Grand Priest. So, there must a difference between the amount of time they can rewind. I think it’s possible Grand Priest can rewind time much further than Whis. He brings the eliminated universes back.
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