Saibamen are green, humanoid beasts that grow from a planted bulbs placed in the ground. The grain is stored in a particular liquid before its use.The Saibamen hold only enough intelligence to understand orders given to them by their leaders; thus, they will never revolt.

On Earth, Nappa plants the last six during the battle against the Z Fighters. One battled and was defeated by Tien Shinhan with surprising ease, and then was slaughtered by Vegeta because it failed to win versus Tien.

Saibamen are brutal warriors and can test a fighter’s strengths. Nappa handles them as grunts to root out new opponents or to assess an opponent’s power and skill level. They are said to be as powerful as a typical low-class Saiyan. Saibamen are also used in training.

Saibamen can be developed in most planets’ soil (Nappa said they would build well on Earth, the seeds are held in a small bottle, with a greenish liquid in the bottom. Placing the seed and pouring the liquid on them will start the growth process.

Toriyama said when talking of the Saibaman that “their battle power is considerably high, at a level lightly inferior to Raditz.”

Are the Saibamen a Saiyan invention??

Akira Toriyama – The Saibamen are one of the Saiyan’s superior weapons. But the Saiyans didn’t invent them; instead, are life form discovered on a particular planet. Saibamen are handy since they can fight then their own, but they are extremely rare and valuable items since harvesting their bulbs is different, so not everyone gets to use them. Plus they are so wild they might attack you, which means only a select few warriors are capable of handling them.

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