Hey guys. The new episode of Dragon Ball Super is out. If you haven’t watched it yet, then I highly recommend watching cause it is full of events. Like seriously a lot of events. However, I should warn you that don’t watch it, if you deeply care for Champa. In this episode the last two remaining fighters of Universe 6 were defeated, you know what that means, erasure of the entire universe.

The two of them were fighting against Gohan and Piccolo as we saw in the preview of the previous episode. It was the really intense fight as the two Namekians seemed to have the upper hand in the fight. However, they couldn’t best Gohan and Piccolo.

With their double teamed attack, Gohan and Piccolo knocked out both the fighters and which ended in Universe 6 erasure. Goodbye Champa-sama. The scene where he called Beerus, “Bro”, I definitely did not cry. There was someone who was just chopping some onions over here.

Now moving on to the main thing, which is Gokū. Gokū, Android 17 and 18 were fighting against the last 3 members of Universe 2. The three fighters from Universe 2 underwent some weird transformation, which ended up making them very powerful.

They released their final attack, which looked to be very powerful and it seemed that the Tournament of Power was finished for the trio from Universe 7. However, Gokū powered up to Super Saiyan Blue knocked all three fighters of Universe 2 out with a Kamehameha.

Thus, Universe 2 was erased. Despite all the hate that Universe 2 gets, it really feels bad when any of the Universe gets eliminated. The elimination of the three of them also meant that Gokū overtook Vegeta in the most number of eliminations in the Tournament of Power. Gokū currently has the most eliminations with 7 eliminations to his name. He is closely followed by Vegeta at 6 eliminations and Android 18 at 5 eliminations. I’d like to point out that Vegeta might soon be overtaking Gokū or at least equalling Gokū for the most eliminations in the Tournament of Power.

He is currently fighting Katopesla from Universe 3 and after seeing Cabba and the rest of Universe 2 being erased, Vegeta is in a pretty bad mood and you can rest assured that whenever Vegeta is in a bad mood, he’ll definitely do something really cool. Katopesla has no chance against the Saiyan Prince and if he annoys Vegeta any further, then R.I.P Katopesla.


Akira Toriyama Revealed Everything About Saiyans

Hey guys. Recently we got the details of the Akira Toriyama’s interview in which he revealed what were the requirements to become a Super Saiyan. It helped the fans to realize their mistakes and now the fans the rest assured as the God of Dragon Ball has spoken himself. He talked about S cells and who possesses these cells.

There are other Saiyans present during the Tournament of Power. They were Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla. It was evident that they could also go into the Super Saiyan state more easier. It is mainly because of the environment of Sadala. It made it easier for them to attain the state.

Now Akira Toriyama has revealed further details about Saiyans and I’ll be revealing the details of the interview. Some details are pretty hilarious so let’s go dive right in. Toriyama said that Saiyans have trouble with studying. Next one reveals that Saiyans have a great digestive system and they can consume anything that is edible.

The Saiyan children don’t play at all. They only fight. Fighting is the closest they come to playing. Most of the Saiyans don’t celebrate festivals such as New Year’s Day and Christmas. It is because of their nature. Saiyans are loners by nature and it is very difficult for them to get everyone together as they live different planets.
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