Hey everyone! The confirmed spoilers for Dragon Ball Super are out, and yesterday, we got the episode titles. I previously told you not to believe in the 100%, but apparently, they are indeed legit, and that was confirmed by a scan, which came out just a while ago. Finally, after the elimination of two more Universes, we now have 4 left, and every Universe is playing their cards, and going all out in order to win.

Universe 4 happens to be one of these Universes, and they look like they are going to be targeting Universe 7, because they’re the more tired at the moment. Universe 7 is definitely going to have a very hard time dealing with Universe 4, especially with the two little insects, Damom and Gamisaras, who will create a lot of trouble for everyone.

That’s not all. Universe is also going to be eliminating one of the members of Universe 7, and we knew that since a long time. Most fans were guessing that it was going to be Android 18 because she’s already injured and all. But, no. It’s not her. Thanks to the spoilers for Episode 120 of Dragon Ball Super, credit for which goes to Herms98, we now know that the person who’s going to be eliminated is Piccolo.

That’s right. The Namekian is said to have accidentally fallen off the arena. Now, accidental here doesn’t mean he slipped and fell off. He was probably pushed off by the Universe 4’s Damom and Gamisaras, who are quite a handful to deal with, really. I have mixed feelings about Piccolo’s elimination really. I did think he’d get some sort of power in the Tournament of Power, but that’s not happening now.

Further, we also know that Katopesla, who was fighting Vegeta earlier, will be at his limits when Universe 4’s bugs are going to eliminate him. Vegeta, thankfully, is going to be safe. Further, Shantsa from Universe 4 won’t last long in the Tournament of Power as well. This is because he is not mentioned anywhere in the Episode 120 Spoilers of Dragon Ball Super.

This only means that the two bugs, Damom, and Gamisaras are going to be the last remaining members of Universe 4 in the arena, and they just won’t last long. The Tournament of Power is reaching its conclusion very fast, and I don’t think it’ll be long before Universe 7 and Universe 11 come face to face once again. Let’s see what the next episode has in store for us.


The Next Universe To Get Erased Has Been Confirmed!

The Tournament of Power is going on with just about 13 minutes remaining now. We know that out of the total of 12 Universes, 8 Universes took part in the Tournament of Power, which were Universe 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11. The remaining Universes didn’t take part because they had a higher average mortal level, so they didn’t need to do so.

Out of the 8 participating Universes, Universe 9, and Universe 10 were erased very early, and that left us with 6 Universes in the Tournament of Power. But, in Dragon Ball Super Episode 118, we saw that now that more Universes were close to their limits, two more got erased. These happened to be Universe 2 and Universe 6. Universe 2 was relying on Ribrianne, and Rozie and even they weren’t all that powerful.

Once they were eliminated, Universe 2 didn’t seem to have a better option, but hey did fight valiantly, and their warriors achieved powers that not even Ribrianne had attained. Either way, they had to go. Universe 6 followed them, and both of them were erased in the same Episode of Dragon Ball Super. Universe 6’s elimination was huge, and they were fan favorites. So their elimination did hit everyone hard.

I’m pretty sure about that. So now, with Universe 2, and Universe 6 out of the way as well, we only of 4 more Universes remaining, and the time that’s left is about 13 minutes. Right now, Universe 3, Universe 4, Universe 7 and Universe 11 are the only ones who are still surviving, and I think everyone just knows that Universe 11 will make it to the end.

Universe 7 will likely follow

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