Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super is heading towards to the end of the Universal Survival Arc. If there’s one thing that we have learned so far from the arc, it is that you don’t mess with Jiren. In the near future, whenever people are going to talk about the Universal Survival Arc, they will surely talk about Jiren The Gray.

Such is the impact that Jiren has made in such short time. He is a Pride Trooper from Universe 11. He is easily one of the greatest ever fighters in the history of Dragon Ball. Jiren is unbeaten and he intends to keep this record immaculate. Ever since his battle against Ultra Instinct, the fans have been trying to get hold of any information about Jiren and his power. We are currently drowned in different theories. Recently, we got a new theory which has some mettle. A Redditor named, /stagon7 is behind this wonderful theory that could change the whole outlook of the fans towards Jiren.

The redditor has used the Chinese name thing to explain Jiren’s power. The theory speculates that Jiren’s power might actually come from a massive fusion. In the Tournament of Power, we have already seen the Namekians from Universe 6 gaining a great amount of power from fusion. The theory speculates that Jiren has actually absorbed an entire race. According to /stagon7, “In Chinese, Jiren means “Several people”, and when Jiren first unleashed his power, Beerus responded by saying ‘Is this really just the power of just one being?’” The moment which is highlighted is still etched in the memories of every Dragon Ball fan.

When Jiren unleashed his true power, Beerus was actually shocked. Jiren, as we know, has even transcended the level of the God of Destruction. It is absolutely legit for Beerus to be surprised after seeing such levels of power. One of the things that has greatly heightened the speculation that Jiren may actually have fused with several other people is his meditation. When you are fused with several thousand people, you would definitely need to calm down and escape from all the noises.

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That’s a great theory and you should definitely check it out. It will be really interesting to see if Jiren’s power is actually the result of fusion. However, I prefer to disagree. I think Jiren’s power is only of his own. He hasn’t received fusion or anything else. Of course that’s just my assumption, however, only time will tell the secret behind Jiren’s power. That’s it from me.


Something That No One Noticed About Jiren’s Power

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super is on its way to greatness. It is such a great anime. Once you start watching it, you’ll be engrossed in the action. Recently, we got the episode which had the fight of Jiren and Vegeta. It was a really great fight and fans were more than happy to see it. Of course, when I saw fans I mean everyone except for Vegeta fans. Don’t get me wrong, Vegeta did have his moments in the episode.

However, the most important thing in a fight is the result, and we know how the fight ended. Jiren was undisputed winner. He managed to crush Vegeta and it will be worth seeing how he’s going to do it again in the next episode. Jiren’s crazy power was revealed back when he fought Ultra Instinct Gokū. The fight took place in the one hour special episode. In that fight, when Gokū ran out of Ultra Instinct, Jiren stopped him and at that time we saw Jiren covered by ki. In the photo below you can see, Jiren’s aura back in Dragon Ball Super 110.

Now moving forward to Dragon Ball Super 122, Jiren fought against Vegeta this time. Jiren made short work of Vegeta just like we had expected. As you can see in this photo Jiren’s aura is different compared to his aura back in DBS 110. What could the difference signify? The most logical thing that I can think of is that Jiren is about to increase his power to a greater extent. In this photo, Jiren’s aura is much more denser.

In the first one, it looked as if Jiren was leaking energy and in the second one, it looks like that Jiren has better control over it. Also in the spoilers for the next episode, it was revealed that Jiren is going to power up. We don’t exactly know what kind of power-up, it is going to be. But one thing is for sure that Jiren is going wreak havoc again. The biggest question that is on the minds of the viewers will be, “Can Jiren Be Really Taken Down?”

We have already got the confirmation that Jiren hasn’t fought at full power so far in the Tournament of Power.
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